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I stumbled upon a video a few weeks ago by The Most Holy Family Monastery/ Vatican Catholic on John Paul II and his supposed ‘’blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” and while I believe that what was quoted here by Michael Dimond (one of the members) was taken out of context, this video by Peter Dimond seems accurate for the most part. You’ll get the general idea of the video about 10 minutes in (it’s a long one) where it basically declares the church invalid. What do you guys think? The video is called “Is the world about to end? (second edition)”. I can’t post the link so sorry and thanks in advance for your answers!

I take it you haven’t searched the forum’s postage history about the Dimond brothers. I’m not sure what you’re expecting us to say besides that they’re wrong and that we’re not interested in hearing sedevacantist arguments made by men running a “monastery” without permission. I find it ironic that these men are calling themselves Benedictines while ignoring the fact the Order says they’re not Benedictines, and somehow that’s fine. But the Popes of course have been so horribly disobedient to God’s teaching and Church. Somehow Christ would let His bride run around like a headless chicken and allow literally tens of millions of well-meaning Catholics be deceived by a false Pope all because they can’t interpret a 500 year old Papal Bull promulgating the Tridentine Mass correctly or any other argument the Sedevacantists want to present.


This “monastery” is a fraud.



Thanks for your reply. I have- and they seem to take things out of context but I found this video very interesting- it talks about the end times beast and it’s seven heads- they say it’s the seven Popes since the Lateran Treaty and talk about how the first two failed to help prevent the rise of ‘The Great Red Dragon’ (the Soviet Union), how one seemed to be mortally wounded (John Paul II) and how the seventh would only reign a short time (Benedict). I just found it very interesting.

And Evangelicals claim it’s Rome because it’s surrounded by seven hills. Why should I consider either interpretation authoritative? By what authority do they use to say that the seven Popes since the Lateran treaty are the seven heads from Revelation? Why the Lateran treaty specifically instead of the Avignon Papacy which also involved seven Popes?

So why are videos so “interesting”?


Stay away from that group. What do we think about their propaganda? It’s garbage.


There are literally thousands of documents they could examine. There are countless ways they could cut and paste any one, to promote a given interesting theme.

But if they are dishonest about their “monastery” why should you trust anything they put out? I suspect they encourage criticism, so they can brag, “see, the establishment is against us. that proves our message is prophetic.”


I’d stay away from that stuff like the plague.

The same thing happened to me about 20 years ago. A fellow was standing outside the local RC church handing out this kind of literature. They’ll quote you Saints galore BUT they don’t give you the whole thing - only bits & pieces. It looks good (after all, who doesn’t love the Saints?) but is not. Gen. 3: 6.

There’s a fantastic book by John Salza and Robert Siscoe called True or False Pope? Refuting Sedevacantism and Other Errors.

The authors show how sedevacantism is FALSE. It’s a huge book (700+ pages!) but is a treasure trove of what Catholics need to arm themselves against sedevacantism.

I have the first edition of the book and plan on getting the new edition.

One more thing: Some sedevacantists tried to leave that stuff at my Ukrainian Greek Catholic parish too. I told the guy off (can’t post it here) and thank goodness they stopped coming. I cut up the CDs and threw them in the trash.


These guys have “found” the 666 symbol in some squiggly doodles on a box of cereal too. :roll_eyes: Do not waste a single brain cell in reading or watching their garbage. If the Church was invalid, then the gates of Hell would have prevailed, which we were promised would never happen.

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Well I suppose it’s interesting since I didn’t know about Sedevacantism until I came across these videos a few weeks ago and the extraordinary claims they make about such senior figures like John Paul II and Mother Teresa. Regarding The Lateran Treaty, they give intriguing facts- such as that treaty being signed on February 11 and Benedict XVI retiring on that date, marking the end of the reign of the seven kings, as they see it (along with lightning striking the Vatican on that day).

I feel like the Venerable JPI would fit this criterion better, haha. Of course that would be inconvenient for the doomsday predictors, because the world did not end after JPI.

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Well I know that the two kings in the Roman Empire after Nero (whose number is 666/616) only reigned a few months each, but I’ve heard of an end times beast be mentioned by catholics?

People can make all sorts of intriguing claims to support erroneous conclusions. And the Devil can certainly use idle curiosity to his advantage. You’re finding claims made by fraudulent monastics to be interesting. People who claim to be Benedictines despite not being Benedictines and having no authority to promulgate their interpretations as fact.

Thanks for this, I’ll look into the book you mentioned.

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The sedevacantist theme is like a many headed hydra. No matter how many times you disprove the latest claim, a nearly identical head appears.

Sadly, the conspiracy ministry is not limited to explicit sedevacantists but also includes many who are not officially sede but implicitly, defacto are.

Sedevacantism is a matter of degree.

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