Sedona Method

Does anyone know anything about the “Sedona Method?” Is this acceptable to a practicing Catholic?

I would approach with extreme caution, if at all. Sedona, Arizona is “the Eden of the New Age Movement”. I haven’t read the book, but I have read reviews of it. The Sedona Method, among other things, “helps you to cast off shame and guilt”. To a Catholic, these should be the initial results of sin, which are cast off only in the Confessional. Also, many reviews call this a “Spiritual Method”. I always wail and gnash my teeth when I hear the word “spiritual”. It makes me think of secular humanism, moral relativism and lving life like this world is the only world that matters, the only world there is. In other words, “spiritual” people are usually not seeking Jesus Christ, but seeking a substitute for Him.

I’ve never heard of it. What is it?

Google is our friend. …

Gave me the chills just looking at the home page here. . .

Didn’t Star Trek V have a similar method with Spock’s half-brother?

After checking the website, it looks like the Sedona Method is simply a glorified version of becoming calm and feeling-contemplating the space of happiness and joy that is always present in your heart. People have been doing this for thousands of years, only we’ve called it “prayer”, “meditation”, and words like that.

[quote=Tantum ergo]Google is our friend. …

Gave me the chills just looking at the home page here. . .

Didn’t Star Trek V have a similar method with Spock’s half-brother?

Website is definitely new age from the new age capitol of the world. Not one mention that God has any part in this. Scary!

[quote=Charlemagne] … Sedona, Arizona is “the Eden of the New Age Movement”.

We went to Sedona, Arizona on our honeymoon. Very beautiful place and I now understand why we saw all of these people walking around dressed in robes humming and chanting. :rolleyes:

I’ve visited Sedona 3 times, and absolutely loved it. The hiking is fabulous, the scenery is georgeous…and the sunsets!

Apparently there are areas of electromagnetic energy, which of course occurrs naturally in the earth as God created it, and apparently Sedona is a location where this magnetic energy is particularly strong. I can say there is SOMETHING going on there…on the 2nd occassion I was there, I had a headache from the time we arrived to the time we left. Not sure why but I had no Tylenol and since I"m not really that prone to headaches I figured it woudl go away anyway…but it didn’t untill we hit highway 17 south toward Phoenix.


Still love it there, though…what a fantastic place to see the beauty of God’s creation.

Stay away from the New Agey stuff, though. They are missing the point completely.

My wife and I have lived in Sedona for 7 years. Before that, we came here on vacation every year for 13 years. We have always thought those a little superstitious who say the place has some sort of unexplainable magic about it. It’s simple: The scenery is beautiful, it’s quiet, the pace is slow, and the people are friendly.*** Who wouldn’t feel good?***

Prayer isn’t about seeking self-happiness, it’s about seeking God. Big difference. The former is self-serving, done in self-love, and restricted to the natural order, while the latter is self-giving, done in love of God, and raises the person to the Throne of God. God is Happiness Itself, but we do not think of Him as an object or a tool. We are His, not vica-versa. We rely on Him, not vica-versa. We, even in our petitions, put His Will above our own, not vica-versa. Prayer is a complete emptying of oneness, especially in meditation and contemplation. Strength and refreshment and relief are gifts, not the fruits of prayer, and God gives His gifts to whom He pleases when and how He pleases. He knows what is best for us. This is one reason why we must submit to His Holy Will.

Whenever I come home from Flagstaff, though I might take the interstate going up, I try to take the old 89 coming home.

Sedona’s scenery is breathtaking, if a bit Martian.

I had an Apache friend from Sedona. He had a favorite t-shirt of the typical extraterrestial type with the inscription “Resistance is futile”. Given he has the body build of wide shoulders and narrow hips of his people, it is :rotfl:. Thanks for the memory.

Agreed, totally Martian and from my perspective, unfit for human habitation. Very bizarre to find a small town up there.

About 20 years ago a good friend of mine was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma. He was very anxious about his impending death. The radiation and chemo left him drained, depressed and fearful of what lay ahead.

He was offered a trip to Sedona to visit the “power vortex” of the place and seek healing. He returned healed of mind and spirit…but not body. What time he had left however was filled with prayer and study of spiritual things. He lived his last months in one of peace.

He spent several week there with a “Steve Sutfin”…or “Sutkin”…or something like that…anyway…Steve taught him to meditate and breath and “channel away” some of his pain and discomfort. The techniques he learned allowed him to face the end of his life with grace and dignity.

Heard a similar story about a guy diagnosed with terminal cancer [don’t remember how long he had]. He went home and started to watch comedy TV shows, and his cancer went away.

There’s is a beautiful Catholic chapel on the hill in Sedona. It’s visited by many tourists and quite inspiring.There are other Christian churches along the main roads but they are vastly outnumbered by the many new age practicioners all about town.
while most residents sample and co-participate in these "consciousness enlightenments"
they are mostly believers in a pantheistic order. Of which the most serious miscarriage of life purpose is to be saddled with doctrine.
Considering it’s proximity to Las Vegas, there must be some tourists who believe that
what is cosmic in Sedona is imbedded in Sedona – and untraceable.

does anyone think it’s foolish to test every spirit?

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