See Kirsty Alley on Idol?

…she was in the “Staying Alive” video… dressed as a priest!!! She had a roman collar, a surplice and even a stole that she was wafting around like a feather boa… what’s up with that!?!

umm, she’s crazy? Who was that guy she was dancing around with?

that was awful!!
in case anyone wants to torture themselves.

Avctually, she could have been an Episcopal priest, Lutheran pastor or even Methodist or Presbyterian. Still tacky though.:nope:

L. Ron Hubbard?

:eek: :bigyikes: Isn’t he dead!!!

Well, we cant really expect her to dress in the garb of Scientology - what would she have a worn - a Xenu ALIEN costume or a L.Ron Hubbard mask? :smiley:

Perhaps it has something to do with her role in “The Minister of Divine”, which Fox TV will begin running this summer or fall.

She could have gone as Tom Cruise

She only wore that thing to hide all of her fat!!! She is sick of being the the target of everyones
fat jokes!!! LOL

Did I see Mickey Dolenz (black hat and black shirt)?

I thought Elvis was dead but he was there.

she’s way too tall! :smiley:


Actually, I thought that was her deal lately - she lost all that weight and was on Oprah.

Indeed you did.

She was on Oprah…and I think your right…shes lost a lot.

Kirsty has lost 75 lbs. on the Jenny Craig diet and is a spokeperson for the company now.

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