See purple, green, and blue. When pray with eyes closed. Feel tingles on forehead and top of head


I see purple, green, and dark blue when I pray. Feel tingles on forehead and top of head. Does anyone know why. Can only see colors when I close my eyes. Is this a demonic attack? Help!


Someone knows why, & its probably God. Does this happen if another person is present ?


Actually, the tingling forehead is a fairly common effect of prayer and meditation in many religious traditions.


I have never heard of that happening, but wonder why anyone would jump to a demonic attack as the cause. :flushed:


It’s very unlikely that this is demonic.


I see different colors and shades of color with my eyes closed. It’s different if I’m in daylight or darkness. Nothing to worry about.


I think what you are experiencing is totally normal. Sitting quietly with eyes closed often causes you to be aware of face itches and tingling no idea why

I see the colors whenever I sit with eyes closed.


please see a medical professional.


Seeing such colours at night or in shade etc is normal, called visual purple

It’s a question of degree as with most things. I’d also suggest that if these symptoms are extreme then you should definitely see your doctor.


This thread caught my eye because recently I was praying w eyes closed before sleep and got such a rush of purple flooding into my “view”. I watched it for a while. So vivid and beautiful.
Not demonic at all. Purple is the color of royalty, ya know. Praise Christ our King!


Just curious—why?


we must first rule out any medical issues, before attributing any other causes to our symptoms


Ah. I guess I wasn’t seeing this as any kind of symptom, since it’s such a common and widely-experienced effect of prayer and meditation.


Seeing colour when you close your eyes is as I’ve posted above, unless you see distinct shapes of beings. Tingling in the head often happens during prayer and I do think that that’s a spiritual matter, though it could be the result of blood flow etc.


The forehead tingling is very common as well. There is a scientific explanation for it:

I remember learning about this in college. We won’t talk about how long ago that was. :wink:


lets not blame the diabolical just yet


Oh yeah—in neither case would I think it’s diabolical. Or even spiritual.


Go to the Doctor dude!!!


Talk to a doctor. It might just be a physiological response. I know conditions like ASMR can cause tingles on the head, or even mild migraines. I sometimes get migraines that don’t hurt, but I see sparkles.


And why is this thread here, in Traditional Catholicism?

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