See Why Nigel Farage Is Calling This Trump Protest the 'Biggest Insult to a


can you imagine how England would feel if a member of their royal family was visiting or their prime minister and protestors were flying an insulting blimp
of one of them?


Isn’t it a tradition of sorts to make caricatures of heads of state?

This reminds me of those puppets in the Phil Collins music video with the Reagan and Thatcher puppets.

However, come to think of it, there was no equivalent Obama blimp.


How can you compare President. Trump to any others leader? He has given us unprecedented crude behavior.


His crude behavior is there for all to see.

However, I just cannot fathom the hysterical over the top reactions to anything he says or does.

People need a time out.


But suppose you had a child with such behavior, would you silently tolerate it?


He’d get a long time out!


I have no problem with President Trump’s behaviour, in fact on the whole I welcome the refreshing change as a very positive move.



No, I will not tolerate crude behavior nor will I tolerate hysterical, over the top reactions.

I did not vote for Trump but the tantrums of some of those who oppose him is even more irritating.


Then you have some pretty low standards.


I agree with you there.


It would be very American to protest the royal family or the British Parliament. You should note the American Revolution.


It would not be very American to protest
the royal family or the prime minister.
England has been a strong ally of ours for
over 100 years.


Trump can be quite thin skinned. I hope he ignores the bait and focus on crafting a good trade deal with the U.K. which I hear is one of the purposes of his visit.


Really, if you claim it wouldn’t be American to protest a member of the British royalty or government because the US has been allies with them for a long time, then you must be really upset with Trump screwing up the relationships with long time allies like the UK, Germany and Canada.


Really? Perhaps you exaggerate some? “Any other leader”? Don’t think so!


Doesn’t bother me if the U.K., Canada, and Germany, get their feathers in a bunch - as for the Royal family of England - we don’t care one way or another.


So then who would you compare him with?


It would be rather pointless, somewhat anti-climatic to say the least.


He’s a choir boy compared to LBJ. But LBJ was a Democrat and a liberal in most ways thought “liberal” at the time. So the Democrat media rarely, if ever, reported on his language or his escapades.


I wasn’t born yet but did LBJ issue multiple press releases daily insulting members of Congress, former presidents, other candidates, tv stars etc?
(Twitter didn’t exist yet)

Was LBJ featured in three soft porn films as a cameo?

Oh, did he bring up the size of his member during the debates?


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