Seeing Christ in Evil People


Yes, but how do we all learn best? It’s not easy to give someone an experience they’ll learn by and it probably won’t be in a comeback phrase alone. God is with her too, leading her along and helping her to develop I’m sure. Perhaps she will learn gradually over many years and be taught by many others. Who knows, we must attend to our own relationship with God.

Pretending that others don’t bother us is onerous. It’s better if we really believe why others shouldn’t bother us. All I can say is I had a very long and difficult relationship which was highly abrasive and destructive and what changed things was when I developed a strong belief in God and everything that His existence meant for me, then I laid down my sword.


I haven’t at least not seriously. I have been thinking about what I will do and how I will follow Christ. I guess I’m in a period of discernment. As far as I can tell, there are two calls on my life: education and care for the elderly. I’m just really not sure where to go from here.

There is a Legion of Mary group at my parish. I don’t know anything about them other than they exist. Do they do home or hospital visits? They might be a good place to start.

It’s not a matter of fearing for my safety. I really just have no idea how to go about it on my own. I’ve only ever done it will established groups or with my friends and relatives. I don’t really know anyone here. I think that’s the biggest issue.


I also don’t know much about the Legion of Mary but I have recently asked my priest to give me some information about our local branch. I know they’re very active in the community but I’m not sure if that involves visits. They have a website of course.

When I said safeguarding I was thinking of the SVP rule that no SVP member should carry out a visit on their own, this is for their own safety and also to safeguard the one being visited. Often those being visited are elderly and so could be vulnerable in many ways. Likewise a visitor can be vulnerable in several ways too. Also in the UK a DBS check needs to be done, basically an official check of local police records, which of course is another safeguard.

I expect since you’ve only just moved it will take a little while to make new friends and become acquainted with your new parish. Perhaps in a few months time you’ll have a better idea as to how best to serve. I’ve no doubt Opportunities will arise.


It sounds like she’s out to get you. It happens, you know, that we encounter people that take a disliking to us even though we’ve not wronged them in any way. them. In fact there are people in the world who are annoyed by sincerity itself, and by goodness, and by innocence. You sound somewhat innocent (“not good at comeback” – a sign of innocence), so will you encounter this kind of person. Being kind to her – if that’s even possible – probably won’t work because it’ll only annoy her further.

I think there are three things you can do: (1) remove yourself from the situation permanently, (2) appeal to a higher authority (your boss?) to do something about the situation, or (3) put up with it indefinitely. The first is not a cop-out. It’s an option you should keep open if the situation becomes really hard on you. Christianity does not demand that we go on submitting oneself to abuse pointlessly. The second is a good option if there is someone who is really on your side, and who can admonish her with some real authority. The third will probably be tough on you in the long run.


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