Seeing dead people as I'm going to sleep

Alright this is mighty strange but for about the past month every night as I’m climbing into bed to go to sleep I see faces of loved ones that have passed over the years and the images are so insanely clear it’s like they are all standing in my room.

What’s up with that? Anyone else have similar experiences?

It just means they are on hear heart and mind - nothing more than that. And often times when we do things habitually a few times, then your mind takes over and repeats the “habit” without us thinking about it. I have had a similar experience of remembering the very same event in my life (something totally mundane) every time I brushed my teeth. :stuck_out_tongue: The more that happened, the longer it went on. Like a Pavlovian response - I brush teeth, I think of that event. But then one day it stopped and never came back. Weird, but not anything I was concerned about.


Yes, I have these experiences. While one may say this just psychological, sometimes I have seen people I never met before. Then someone shows me a picture and there is their brother who died 4 years ago. Don’t know more than that other than praying for these people helps.

   I bet if you would have a Mass said for these people and increase your prayer life to include prayers for them you will feel a lot better about everything.  It will not be so confusing.

May God Bless You,

During a time of worsening medical issues, I, too, had the experience of seeing and hearing deceased relatives at times during my sleep and, as you have said, it was so clear and so vivid that it seemed to be far more than just a dream. I would see them, not as I was drifting off to sleep, but during sleep and just as I was waking. Later I found out that I was not getting enough nighttime oxygen at that time and likely had come close to dying. Once my medical situation was brought under control, I no longer saw or heard from deceased loved ones. I have read that dying people, while awake in their final days, often see deceased relatives that their caretakers cannot see and, thus, deny. This is not to worry you: Your reason for seeing your deceased relatives may have nothing to do with this and may be totally different from mine. Still, you might consider a medical evaluation and an overnight pulse oximetry study (which is what saved me).

Does it feel good or bad?

How much do you pray?

Do you live a pure life?

Quit drinking. :wink:

Take it easy on the cough syrup.

I’m thinking it might just be that those people may be still in Purgatory, and need your prayers. I agree with the previous poster that mentioned having a Mass said for them, or just start including them in your prayer intentions. It’s always a good practice to pray for the souls of all of our deceased friends and relatives who might be in Purgatory, and ask them to pray for us, too.

Do they say anything to you?
How long does it last?
Is it more than one person at a time?
Did anything major happen a month ago in your life when all this started?
Have you ever had any experiences like this before in your life, even as a child?

We all have the “ability” to have this experience, but some more than others.

most likely it is simply a psychological phenomena, and if you have been praying for them, thinking about them (as we often do around the holidays) or worried about something connected with them your subconscious brings their images to mind. If it happened before your unconscious might “expect” them to appear again, so they do. Simply pray for the repose of their souls and whenever the subconscious issue that brings their remembrance to the fore is resolved so will the “images”.

Yes at different times I have been able to almost “see” people for whom, for instance, I have been researching for a history paper, or even fictional characters I have created for a story, at odd times when I am not even working on the project. My sister recently posted on facebook some family photos and letters she discovered from the generations dead and gone, and that has evoked some exceptionally clear images of those I knew over the past few days, and even a couple I never met, who featured in those items. It has nothing to do with any “ability” other than the natural faculty of imagination.

A good reminder to pray for the souls in Purgatory.
I knew a woman who spoke of that regular experience.
I suggested that she pray for the souls in Purgatory. She felt that made sense.

I had a similar experience before I became Catholic. Yet I found myself making the sign of the cross when these people’s images/presences came. I had not even been raised Catholic. I say pray for them. :slight_smile:


I pray every night before I go to bed, and sometimes more than that.

Pure? Well, I try.

LOL I’m one of those social ones, like only 4-5 times a year!

bahaha I haven’t been sick yet knock on wood this year

I wonder if this is the Spirit nudging you to pray for them. Perhaps you can do that in the next few weeks.

It varies. Lately it’s been my Dad’s Mom passed away in Feb 2009 from a heart attacck; my Mom’s Mom who passed away this past August from kidney failure; and my cousin who passed away in June 2008 from a car accident.

My Mom’s mom and my cousin haven’t said anything to me but over a year ago my Dad’s Mom kept saying to me “Your Opa and I are coming”. I had no sweet clue what she was talking about and then it dawned on me, My Wedding.

Pray for them! No matter what the source, our loved ones can always use our prayers. Perhaps God is bringing them to your mind so that you will help them. :slight_smile:

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