Seeing Red: A professor coexists with 'MAGA' in the classroom

That is important in the context of repeated suggestions and even explicit claims that this was claimed about all of Trump’s supporters. And even that support of Trump itself is what made one a deplorable. The is simply untrue. I continue to be surporsed how regularly people post things that aren’t.

You would have to find a post that says this to jog my memory. It just doesn’t sound like anything that I would say. I have no way of knowing the actual number, and would not be disposed to making one up. It is more likely that I posed a question, or raised a possibiliuty in light of some other, related data.

I have edited out deflections and repeat the actual question.
Trump may have, and in fact did run on a variety of ideas. But he choose a slogan that has a clear meaning. It is not just: let’s have higher employment, let’s make better trade deals, l … it was Make America Great AGAIN - a slogan explicitly but elliptically harkened back to some earlier time in American history. What is that time period?

With even the merest modicum of empathy, it is not hard to see that groups people whose freer and fuller integration into the fabric of America life is a relatively recent phenomenon may hear this as a call that threatens the progress that mainstream America has made in seeking greater equity for all.

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The record low unemployment may mean, in that sense, a movement toward a greater America.
No deflection on my part. I’m responding to your implied characterization of America as only those things you mentioned, things that Americans have been able to dispense with, thank God. Hundreds of thousands of great Americans spilled their blood to end slavery. Others spilled theirs on that bridge in Selma.
That’s greatness.
I find it odd that you would think low unemployment is a deflection.

Right now. I don’t think anyone maintains that the racism and bigotry of the past is part of the greatness that Americans who support the president. That’s the ongoing legacy of the other party.


AGAIN. Make America Great AGAIN.

That is the point. As long as you refuse to acknowledge “AGAIN”, you will not understand the reaction that many have to the slogan. Sad.


Since you seem to have missed this post, I am re-posting it for you:


That is a nice statement. Too bad Trump never made it.

This rhetoric is also different than Trump’s.

For a man to wear a hat indoors is something contrary to basic manners. This man intended to be rude, even if he had a plain ball cap on his head, it showed disrespect to the professor and to the institution as well as to society in general

When one wears a hat or a shirt or a bumper sticker with a pervocotive phrase/image, it is done to draw attention and incite conversation: “Hey Dude! Love your hat!! DT is the BEST!” or “How could you wear such a thing!” in which case there is a chance to explain things to a liberal and change their mind or at least to remind them they are wrong.

I learned this lesson when in my younger, brasher days, I bought a T Shirt that had an image of Mary. It said “Don’t Mess With My Mom: Her Son is Your God”.

Put it on and trotted out to run errands. I live in the deep Bible Belt south where everyone is Baptist or Non-Denominational or Pentecostal, so, my shirt was going to really spark conversation and I could debate people into the Church. Win!!

Walked into a gourmet shop where I was a frequent customer. The lady behind the counter refused to ring me up and asked me to leave her store. I did not call the media, I did not organize a Facebook protest or boycott of her store, instead I was very ashamed that my own cheeky attitude hurt someone else, heck, that lady and I used to chat often. Now, I had likely burned a bridge.

So, sure wear a hat, but, a gentleman takes it off indoors. If you don’t want to be polite, at least be prepared to own up that you might hurt someone.

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Totally edited!

Never said he did.

Never heard Trump say he would re-institute Jim Crow laws either.

Not sure what you mean about the difference between Trump’s rhetoric and mine.

But what about my question above? What would you like to see happen in the US, with special reference to the effects on people of color?

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I already did, but let’s start with the founding era and the development of a republic that held individual rights primary over government power. Greatness!

The civil war era when hundreds of thousands gave their lives to save the republic and crush slavery. Greatness.

World War II when we saved the world from fascists socialism. Greatness!
The Reagan era when we defeated communist socialism. Greatness!

The Civil Rights movement that ended government imposed segregation. Greatness!

Want more? There’s plenty.

Sadly, however, the progressive trend over the last hundred years has been chipping away st that greatness, from the efforts to increase government power at the expense of individual rights, and the recent rise of the bigotry of intersectionality, etc.

We need to return to the greatness of America from these. But I do understand that the primacy of individual rights and defeat of socialism is not valued by some, do the slogan would not be valued by them.

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He has done far more to do so than his predecessor.

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Not sure how this makes a middle aged law professor having an emotional break better. I’m afraid to ask what he might do if one of his female students came to class after Labor Day wearing white😱


‘Make America Great Again’ - when was it ever called ‘Great America’? And does America in the MAGA context mean America or just the US?

Do you think Paul held back his words around Jews and Pharisees because it might hurt their feelings?

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Schools need to start handing out pacifiers in addition to condoms.


Paul being Jewish himself had a slight advantage there. Also, Trump is not the Messiah come again or anything remotely near it. Taking of a hat in a room is simply good manners. That said there does seem to be a bit of an over-reaction going on there.

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He isn’t? Gosh, I never knew that. Thanks for the enlightenment.

I never said anything about the Messiah.

I agree, but the goofball wasn’t offended by wearing a hat period (that’s just a distraction by certain posters), he was offended that the guy would wear a MAGA hat, and that he was sending a black man a message with the wearing of said hat.

Like I said, goofball.

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The message was, ‘I am wearing a hat, probably be polite if I took it off but I didn’t, anyway I am wearing a hat and vote for a political party you might not, no big deal’ It does seem to be through the looking glass stuff again and I say that even though I am not a Trump fan by any means, any grown adult who can’t tolerate people with different political outlooks to them, especially in an university or college setting really may need to think about whether they are over sensitive.

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Today’s winner! This! I’ve never understood the leap from MAGA to being equal to racism.


You did compare MAGA to the Gospel

Nowhere did I make that comparison. Where did I mention MAGA hats?

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