Seeing Refugees Through God's Eyes

There are already signs that the influx of Syrian refugees, who are mostly Sunni Muslims, has destabilized Lebanon’s already-fragile sectarian balance. And it’s an understatement to say that European countries have struggled when it comes to assimilating previous generations of Muslim immigrants.

But none of this excuses indifference or inaction, especially for Christians. After all, the Scriptures make it clear that God cares a great deal about how his people treat the foreigners in their midst.


I don’t think God would want women and girls to travel thousands miles thinking they are going to be safe, but in the end have to sleep in their clothes to avoid being sexually assaulted.

Really, if we’re going to have refugee camps, then the refugees need to be treated with dignity.

But that can’t happen if the Western left keeps on thinking this myth that it’s all hard-working families and no one bad is coming, or that’s its somehow racist to have security there. :rolleyes:

I think God sees charity holistically, meaning not just want makes feel good inside.

I think even the left realise someone bad this way is coming.

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