Seeing sins in garden of olives


I know Jesus saw every sin that was and ever would be committed. Though it never dawned on me until lately…
Would He only have seen sins that would never be repented of, or still all? It would seem as though, in the garden that night, only sins He knew would never be repented of would have given Him such agony. When I remember sins I have tearfully confessed from behind the curtain in the darkness of the confession box, I think of the pain those repented sins gave me, let alone Jesus, and I hate to think that those sins of mine were still seen by Him and caused Him such suffering that night.


This might help you: written by a saint who intimately shared Jesus’ passion, Saint Padre Pio


I would think that Jesus saw or knew what His Father intended Him to know or see. Remember that Jesus was also a man and not created to be a “seer or a physic. He came to be for our salvation. If I want to see a physic I guess I could go to Madame Faye down the road. You do ask some interesting questions 'though,” but not everything has a pat answer. Peace.


Thankyou, VioletShade and MaryEstelle. Violet, I read the article you gave me, and enjoyed it deeply. If “enjoyed” is the right word, pertaining to such a dark night of suffering.




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