Seeking a traditional community


Hello, I have been long discerning a religious vocation, and have viewed many different communities, I have slowly narrowed down what I feel called to and sadly I now cannot find a community, I was hoping that some of you could provide the names of some communities in the United Kingdoms or Ireland.

I am a male under the age of 21, who seeks to practice completely in a pre VII liturgy (1962). I would seek a group with at least 6 persons normally living in the community. I feel called particularly to the Holy Priesthood and would seek an order which allows one to pursue that and is not solely lay or select priests from a lay community.

Thank you all very much in advance for any replies.


They are on the Isle of Wight, they are Benedictines of the Solesmes Congregation, which focuses on Latin liturgy and the Gregorian chant.


Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer (F.S.S.R, formerly Transalpine Redemptorists). They are Redemptorists based in Papa Stronsay, Scotland, formerly associated with the SSPX, now in union with Rome (their place as an order is still somewhat gray; they are at worst a congregation of faithful). They aim to adhere more strictly to the vision of St. Alphonsus, living a mostly monastic life. Their priests are trained with the Fraternity of St. Peter. I believe they are a bi-ritual order (Latin rite and Ukranian-Greek rite) and use the 1962 books in the Latin rite.


Try the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. They are worldwide, I am not sure about where you live but they may be able to help you.


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