Seeking a Vocation


Good Afternoon,
God's blessings to you!

Recently the growing tragedy of empty lives has come to my attention. As souls created by God for eternal love and happiness, we all have a place in our hearts that only God can fill. I am currently an aspirant for a Collettine Poor Clare Community, which I will enter in less than a year's time. I feel God has abundantly blessed me in my vocation, and I am keeping a discernment blog relating my experiences of finding God's call and many intimate details of my own prayer life for the benefit of others.

Nothing causes my heart to cry more than the knowledge that others too are called to the great happiness and higher spirituality of the religious life and priesthood, but never find it. What I can offer through words now, I will continue to offer in prayers for the rest of my life. If only others could understand more of the deeper purpose of life and be moved to find their own call to sainthood. I invite you to visit my blog and read my postings, humble as they are, because I believe you will find them very helpful to you in your discernment. God calls everyone by name and touches every heart, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Pray to receive Charity in your heart and let Him guide you to the fullness of joy.

God Reward You for Your Patience!


This blog has touched my heart and help guide me to my calling with our Lord Jesus Christ. Sadie has become my very close dear friend! This blog is amazing and well written. It speaks from her heart and passion


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