Seeking a website specifically designed for refuting popular anti-catholics


I’m starting to be given all sorts of anti catholic material - books, small pieces of paper with anti-catholic messages…

This is all comming from a month ago breakup I had with my now ex girlfriend, a non-denominational christian- which the breakup was mostly from the religious differences we have.

Anyone have any quick website links that would help me weed through the arguments made by these celebrity authors of anti-catholic material? (the mike gendrons, james whites etc)

Thanks a lot! (Even though I end up being alone when I speak and attempt to defend catholisim, my words of wisdom often come from the resources you’ve all provided me with!..thank you again!)


Welcome home… you are already here.

Use the “Search” pull down and type in the key word or words. You will get a lot of threads to view. Many of the posts will include links to sites and references that relate to the topic.


I would also recommend,,, and dave armstrong’s blog—it’s called socrates58 or something similar. All of these are filled with tons of stuff, so be prepared to spend some time. :slight_smile:

#4 is a wonderful site. John Salza does a wonderful job, he truly is passionate about the cause. John Salza’s book is “Biblical Basis of Catholicism”, he has the same resources on the site, but in his book he goes into more depth and doesn’t simply list scripture.

Also, Dave Armstrong is great resource. His books such as “The Catholic Verses: 95 verses that confound protestants” and “One Minute Apologetics” are pretty handy.

I also have these bookmarked…

The best piece of advice i ever received was just to be stubborn! When you bring up scripture verses and concepts, protestants are accustom to giving “circular” answers. At face value, these answers sound plausible, but rely on other matters of faith, which rely on other matters of faith…none of which have a Biblical basis. Discussions like these often take a long time, i wish you the best of luck. Don’t let their accusations shake you! We’re here to support you.


The Journey home (on EWTN) is always talking about how protestants became "enlightened ’ to the truth of the Catholic church. I am sure you can get to their website from the EWTN website and even ask questions.


I personally have gotten a wealth of information from this forum. You might also want to pick up Karl Keating’s book “Catholicism and Fundamentalism.” It’s comprehensive and easy to understand.

Another great site is Stephen K. Ray’s site:
It’s got some of his and others’ writings that are well thought out and presented.


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