Seeking advice on buying a Roman Missal

I would like it to include:

*]Both Sunday and daily Masses
*]Readings from the same Bible version as the Lectionary (NAB for English)
*]Bilingual translations: Spanish/English (preferably side-by-side)

Also, I understand a new English translation will be approved later this year. How long will it take for the new English translation to be implemented at the parish level, and are missals currently available that use the new English translation? I’m wondering whether I should hold off until then.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I would suggest holding off on the purchase and get a subscription to Magnificat instead. It has all the readings, Sunday and daily, plus a version of MOrning and Evening prayer. You might find that you like this.

Joannm is right! In fact, you might choose to stick with Magnificat. Also, if you like, there are two different covers you can get for it: either a plastic one or a leather one with a ribbon (or two, I think).

For some – myself included – Magnificat is very expensive. You may then choose to explore another option, which is The Word Among Us.

To my knowledge the only missal on the market right now that includes the new Roman Missal is in Latin and it is too big and bulky to use at Mass … it is more for study purposes.

Magnificat also comes in Spanish. I highly recommend Magnificat because it also has some of the prayers in Latin and it offers excellent meditations. You could very well get a year’s subscription for about $45 (English version, not sure about Spanish).

I really did not care much for The Word Among Us because it was not as complete as the Magnificat. I realize that there are some budgetary constraints, but, it is well worth the investment.

The Spanish language version of the Roman Missal for use in the United States will also come out shortly. What many of the dioceses are using, especially down here in Texas, is the Roman Missal approved for use in Mexico. Maybe both versions will come out together. :shrug:

To be sure, I am a fan of Magnificat. But, the cost does prohibit me from being a regular subscriber. For the price of a one year subscription, you can purchase a Roman Missal for use on both Sundays and during the week.

Above all, though, one should bear in mind that while Magnificat does contain the readings and other texts for Mass (the euchological texts as well as the propers of the Mass), it is far from complete. It does not have a Roman Martyrology and its Morning and Evening Prayer are both entirely made up (it does use the correct Gospel canticles, however). As a matter of fact, the structure of the Morning and Evening Prayers does not even clearly resemble the structure of the Liturgy of the Hours. This has always been my one criticism of Magnificat.

I plunked down $100 a couple of years ago for the Daily Roman Missal. It has everything, including the propers of the saints and even some of the texts of the readings for votive Masses. It also has the Latin prayers on one side and the English versions on the other. I use it every day. However, I will have to plunk down about $100 more in Advent 2010 when the new translations come out.

Magnificat does have the major feasts in its pages and the optional memorials as well. However, if I want the readings of the day for a particular memorial, I will just use my Roman Missal.

The reason why I did not care much for the Word Among Us was that I am used to having the readings look like the way they would look in the Lectionary. One time, when I was assisting at the Mass before the Cursillo ultreya, I was asked to proclaim the readings. Given the fact that the church did not have an English-language Lectionary, the spiritual director offered to have me proclaim the readings from the Word Among Us. I told him I would rather use either my Magnificat or my Daily Roman Missal, since it has the standard “A reading from the book of, the letter of…”, whereas what he had did not.

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