Seeking advice on the right way to win my wife back

I sent wife a mail expressing what/how I feel about the issues with in-laws and her siblings and she texted me asking to give her time to think about it. I gave her all the time to think things over. After few days of not speaking I’m not sure if it is time for me to initiate a dsicussion by sending her a text message or make a call. Ours is “on-again, off-again relationship” and always am the one to initiate any kind of reconciliation and got together again. But I know it should take two to tango. On the other hand, I am thinking if I need to act fast before any damage is done. In any disaster the first step is to stop the bleeding and then fix the problem. I’m not sure if a relationship is no different. There may be some underlying problems with your relationship (e.g. in-laws and her siblings) that must be fixed, but we can get to that next. Right now we need to stop the bleeding, after that I will post the details to ask hep on how to fix said underlying problems.

I need your advice on the right way to try and win my wife back.

I posted on your other thread that says the same thing…

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