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Since I to say, sort of recently have confessed spending less time in prayer etc than I should. Also since I feel like praying sometimes, but I´m not always sure of what to pray about or for. I wanted to ask for some advice. So if any of you have any advice on prayer methods, ways to pray, tips for scheduling prayer time etc. I would like to know :slight_smile:

I´m familiar with the Rosary, praying with the Church at certain times during the day (like; Vesper, Laudes, Matutin etc.), and the Shotki (Orthodox and Eastern Catholic traditional prayer). So what I mainly seek is some advice on how to do it, spending enough time and putting effort into prayer etc. I would also like to know what works for you guys as well, so that I could keep that in mind while trying to figure out what to pray. Do any of you have some advice on how to pray for discernment of Vocation etc as well?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: May God be with you all and bless you all with His amazing grace.


If you are praying for someone, the Divine Mercy Chaplet is good. :grinning:


Look into, and employ the ancient Church practice of Lectio Divina!


Go to Adoration each week for an hour. Say a prayer to the Holy Spirit, state your intentions, then pray as the Spirit moves you, with the object of spending time with Our Lord to listen to Him.


Contemplative prayer may be where God is leading you.

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