Seeking advice.

Good morning everyone.

So, this is rather emotional for me to write and do I hope it makes sense. First I’m gay. I was baptized and accepted Christ (honestly) when I was around 8-10 years old. However, when I came to grips with who I was, I turned from god and explored other religious options to help me overcome that anger. Of course, during this time God never gave up on me. However, one night. I don’t know what overcame me but I told Satan he could have my soul in exchange for silly things. Almost immediately I regretted my mistake and fell to my knees and asked God to forgive me and to take me back into his arms. To this day, I constantly ask Gods forgiveness and genuinely strive to live a Christian life yet I still have this nagging voice in my head saying I’m going to hell because of what I did and it does haunt me.

Regardless, I still pray and still do the rosary and I’ve made December my get back to prayer month. My question is have I doomed myself because of what I did or does God truly forgive everything? Thank you all.


Yeah that’s unsettling stuff, I would be uneasy as well.
My advice is to start RCIA, become a Catholic, go to confession (for forgiveness of that sin), live a chase and pure life. That will get you into Heaven as well as give you happiness in this life through Christ our Lord.

I know for sure that Jesus loves you and wants you in Heaven, so follow His path.

God truly forgives everything except final impertinence (not being sorry at the moment of death, after which one can no longer change).

Even tho you cannot now receive the sacrament of Confession, you can talk with a priest and start the process of becoming Catholic. The priest can bless you if you ask him to.

Thank you both very much. I do appreciate it.

Though I find it disheartening the amount of people who read this and only two replied. It’s sad but expected. I’m use to putting myself out there and being shunned or ignored. I’m glad Jesus and God and Mary are not like that.

Hi. I just saw this thread and I thought your question is already answered. I am responding to your post to say that you are not shunned nor ignored. :slight_smile:

About God’s mercy - yes, He is a merciful and a forgiving God and forgives all your sins that you are repenting of.

You, however, can proceed to become Catholic because that us where you can get the grace of forgiveness being administered to you in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

In Baptism, all your past sins would be forgiven; washed and made clean. You are a new creation, unblemished, so to speak. Only sins that are committed after that will need to be confessed for their remission.

Now, for being gay, please know that God, the Church and Catholics for all their humanity, love you. Sexual orientation is not considered a sin in Catholicism and you are not hated on that account.

However, sex outside marriage that is considered valid by the Church would of course be a sin. In any case, we are all sinners in many ways, which is why we need God and His Church, so that we can be saved.

God bless you.

I agree with zjam … go to RCIA, become a Catholic, and get the forgiveness of this sin from a priest.

I’m sorry you had so few answers … I don’t read this forum all the time … I spend most of my time in the prayer forum … I would suggest you put a thread in that forum so that people can pray for you.

God Bless You

I remember reading on here that theologically we don’t believe you can actually “sell” your soul to the devil. As in it isn’t possible. God is in control. Yes you can turn away from God, but if you come back to Him especially in the ways suggested on this thread, the devil won’t have any hold on your soul.

Prayers of renunciantion of evil and deliverance are good.

You are not doomed and God really does forgive EVERYTHING. Get back to prayer this month and make it your New Year’s Resolution to keep praying AND reading the bible. The ONLY way to get to hell is to want to go there, and you obviously do not.

Hey, Brant, welcome to CAF. I hope one day we’ll be welcoming you into the Catholic Church :slight_smile:

I often look at a thread and think I have nothing to add to what has already been said, so I don’t respond. It’s sometimes hard for me to tell if someone is new here because the type is so small on my screen. But now I will add a word of welcome even if I have nothing to add to the answer. Thanks for letting us know how that can seem to a newcomer!

I have been in the near EXACT place as you! :slight_smile: (different sin but same regrets) Please trust me when I say this… even if you did allow satan to control you and give you stuff, all that matters is you go back to God and ask for forgiveness. Satan CANNOT take your soul unless you genuinely want him to and seriously give up on God. You ask for forgiveness which is the first step. The second is to go to confession to truly prove your sorrow to God. Please don’t worry about unforgiveness ever. There is NO sin too big for God to forgive!! NEVER in forever!!! And don’t hold a grudge against yourself for it even after you’ve been to confession because that is even worse! God wants you to feel forgiven after He has forgiven you! :hug3:

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