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Before I came into full communion with the Catholic Church I was going to Mass on Saturday and then would go to my old Methodist church on Sunday because I wanted to also worship with my family. That slowly left the picture and I began going to Mass on Saturday and Sunday.

Recently, now that I am Catholic, I have been considering going to Mass Saturday, to the Methodist church Sunday and then going to the second Mass at my church on Sunday also…mainly because I feel empty when I miss Mass (and I am so accustomed to going to Mass on Sunday).

Since my family is not Catholic, I would still like to worship our God together with them instead of always being away from that at my parish.

My question is this:

What is everyone’s thoughts on this?
Is it wrong of me to go to both churches?
(Keep in mind: I only want to go to still get to be with my family.)

Just wondering. Does your family ever go to Mass with you?
Would be pretty nice if they did.

I would take it on a case by case basis. For some people, hearing and seeing two different messages can be confusing. For myself, I am confessionally Lutheran, however, I have a close friend who is a pastor at an Orthodox Presbyterian Church. I attend worship there once every few months to keep in contact with him. However, if I were to go regularly, it may cause doubts about my own positions on things which would then make it more difficult to receive communion with a clear conscience (being the Presbyterians teach the real absence of Christ in communion).

So I think it will depend on that. Otherwise, I would say not a problem.

Well…even the social atmosphere (because admittedly some Catholic churches can not be the most welcoming) put thoughts in my head. Not of doubt about my beliefs, but of does it matter which church we attend despite beliefs.
(A thought of mine: “Well…these people believe in Jesus, they are so nice, maybe that is all that matters…not certain theology”)

My mom came to Mass for Holy Thursday right before my conversion and that was an honor because the Maundy Thursday service is her favorite of the whole year she says, so I felt honored she missed that to come to Mass with me.

Most of my family came to the Easter Vigil Mass to witness my Confirmation and First Holy Communion and my First Confession (only kidding!!!).

Other than that…no!

Our visiting priest asked me the same thing. I was considering seeing if they would come to Mass with me on Saturday or sometimes the 11:00 on Sunday, even if one in a while.

I think a lot of them are allergic to the Catholic Church…though some are finally opening up to at least respecting Her. My mom is praying the Hail Mary…that is a huge leap. Mainly because she has always prayed to angels and I told her that as a Methodist she should not be doing that…so I think that is why she was more open to the idea of asking the Mother of God to pray for us.

Although there are Catholics who go to Mass Saturday evening and Sunday, you should either Evening or Sunday. If there is a Saturday morning Mass, then there would be different readings, and, quite okay. If you were to go to the Methodist services, I think that you would be confusing or misleading people. The Pastor, of the Methodist Church, would indeed be mislead by your attendance. Let’s say that you confided in him, He would be apt to try to convince you of the righteousness of Methodism. You would be defending your Faith, and it simply wouldn’t be an experience to indulge in every Sunday. I would say DO NOT DO IT!

Good news about your mom and the Blessed Mother. Perhaps they (or at least your mom) would be willing to attend the Saturday vigil Mass with you once or twice a month, and you could do the same, attending their service on Sunday once or twice a month. But I think, with you being relatively new to the faith, it would be a good idea for you to try to spend less time at your family’s church.
Does your parish had Eucharistic Adoration? If so, perhaps you could invite your mom to join you in a holy hour.
In Christ,

I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

First, though this does not matter, the Methodist Pastor is a woman. She and I were I guess you would call “close” before my conversion. I really do not foresee any theological discussions coming up. Though in the past she and the youth minister would try to give my mom certain material or discuss topics with her of why they believe the Methodist Church to be true…I presume to indirectly evangelize me.

The Methodist Pastor, according to my mom, was actually quite concerned about my going to the Catholic Church. She would always interact with my mom as if I had died. Or if she had lost me forever.

My being new to the faith is why I quite going to the Methodist church in the first place. It was just less than a week ago the Holy Spirit has been making me think about this.

Unfortunately, we do not have Adoration, though at my weekly prayer group, our visiting priest has been blessing us with Exposition during this time. It is not much of a Holy Hour though because we are all still praying the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. With Jesus exposed in the Monstrance we do incorporate a lot of quiet time now though.

I should invite her to this. I just often wonder if immersing her into an environment with the Rosary would be a turn-off or not. Even a lot of Catholics do not like it.

I mean no disrespect, but maybe you are being put on a guilt trip.

Thank you Prague!

After many discussions during my discerning a conversion I think my family got sick of discussing and so I have always been hesitant to invite them. Simply because some do have an open disdain for the Church. Thank God some of them have gone from their misinformed version of the Church to being intrigued by Her!

Since I have been lectoring lately…I should at least invite them for the Masses when I lector.

I am to blame for a lot, since I do never invite them…shame on me…because I should…even if they say no everytime.

mark a,

Could you please expound upon that for me.

I wouldn’t go to the Methodist services because you are no longer Methodist. Going to Protestant services may be damaging to your faith and could cause confusion regarding doctrine. You may think it’s harmless but you may unconsciously adopt beliefs that are contrary to the Catholic faith; you may hear things in the sermon that are different to the Catholic stance, and you may accept it without knowing the difference. Also, by attending the Methodist services, you are giving the impression that you are in communion with them, which isn’t the case. You are Catholic and should show your fidelity to the faith by attending Mass exclusively. In years gone by, Catholics were forbidden to attend any Protestant services. Although the Church has relaxed on this over the years, I still think it is imprudent to attend them.

I think you can spend time with your family in other circumstances. Perhaps you could meet up with them after the service?

Just my two pennies worth :slight_smile:


Your post is pretty much my thought process right now. Though I am pretty familiar with the different beliefs of each Church and would be able to recognize when something is contrary to Catholic belief.

Nonetheless, it is a valid point…I do not know everything.

Part of my thought process was that I did not want to give the wrong impression of me being there…such that maybe I was considering coming back.

Like you said, practicing fidelity to the Church and attending Mass exclusively. Again, that is why I quit going to the Methodist church to begin with. I also thought it might show to my family the commitment I have to the Church.

Fortunately, I do still get to spend time outside of church with my family…but like I said I want to worship God with them. (Though…I do not feel like the Methodist service is worship. I am not saying there is not some reverence and praise being done, but I do not come out feeling like I have worshipped.)

Also, what keeps going through my mind is when Jesus said:
“No one can serve two masters”

I’m not sure I understand. Why would a minister be confused if a person attends his/her church? There is nothing misleading about attending a church. Most churches are quite welcoming of visitors and it means nothing more than that, visiting. Ministers expect that visitors interested in the faith of that denomination will contact them. I don’t understand your statement at all. And certainly to suggest that some minister is going to try to convince someone that they should adhere to a particular denomination is simply an assumption based on no facts. Why would this disturb you anyhow? I’m terribly confused by your remarks. Where do you get the information for this?

I’m curious as to why you presume that it is dangerous. I for one think that the Catholic Church has a well set out doctrine of belief. Do you think that it is so weak that one who attends another faith church is in danger of being persuaded away? That suggests that you believe the foundations of the Roman church are weak, and I doubt you mean that. I think the Roman church relaxed requirements because families are divided and it does not good to continue them. Your concerns suggest a fear that I don’t think is shared by the Roman church, and certainly it is not a good way to present your Church I would think.

I am getting some interesting opinions on this.

Though, apparently you are not Catholic (though that is besides the point) I also agree with what you are saying. I do have a firm foundation in my beliefs and I do not foresee any swaying in these beliefs attending the Methodist service. Though I would have to be careful to not adopt anything newly heard without seeing what the Church teaches about it. Although, like I said I am thoroughly familiar with both sides beliefs…so nothing much could really be new to me.

I guess aside from being with my family another desire to do this is to be ecumenical. I just do not want to be giving off the wrong impression by going to their service.

That’s an important consideration, given that you were a strong member there, before.

It would also be tempting to help out in the ways that you used to help out when you were a member - which is no longer possible, now that you are Catholic.

Also, what keeps going through my mind is when Jesus said:
“No one can serve two masters”

Right. :slight_smile:

I am in the same situation, by the way - my whole family except for me is Protestant. I converted to the Catholic faith by myself about seven years ago. I have occasionally returned to my family’s church for special occasions, but I’ve found that it really works out best for everyone to keep the boundaries and not cross over them too much - it leads to a lot less confusion.

Thank you jmcrae,

It feels good to know someone is going through something similar.

I have gone on a rare occasion (like you said) when my nieces and nephews would be singing or something.

During the Triduum they asked me to play the part of Jesus during their Maundy Thursday service. I had to graciously decline that request. (It could have been one last attempt to stop me from being Confirmed…I don’t know.) I think they have learned to stop trying to get me to come back in that sense though.

Like I said already, I do not want my presence to make them feel like I am possibly considering coming back and for them to try evangelizing me again or start harping on my mother again. (Which upset me for a while, because they were making her uncomfortable they way they were trying to intercede.)

I bookmarked your conversion story, I am looking forward to reading it!

Fortunately, I do still get to spend time outside of church with my family…but like I said I want to worship God with them. (Though…I do not feel like the Methodist service is worship. I am not saying there is not some reverence and praise being done, but I do not come out feeling like I have worshipped.)

Are your family staunch Methodists? Do they really believe in the doctrines and beliefs of Methodism? I ask because I wonder if it would be possible to convert them to Catholicism?

You know that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ; and that the Catholic faith possesses the fullness of Christian truth. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you try to convert your loved ones?

If your family converted, you could all worship together. If your family members have an open mind and are sincerely looking for the truth, then converting them should be easy.

As Christ said, no man (or woman) can serve two Masters. You still do not want to “let go” of your past, and that is understandable, especially when your family is a part of it. It is not wrong of you to go to both churches, but it is causing you a fair amount of distress because you want to worship with your family. Why not invite them to worship with you for a change? The other thing to consider is what you yourself recognize: you are not going to your former church because you want to worship there - you are going to be with your family. You will have to work this one out the best you can. Again, invite them to worship with you. Perhaps you can take turns in that way. It would be an eye-opener for them too, I suppose, and it might be a source of enlightenment for them about the Catholic Church. Good luck.

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