Seeking Bachelors Camping / Guy Overnight Advice


I am planning an overnight camping trip for a soon to be married friend and a few of our friends like a bachelors / guys outing.

The idea is that we have some good fellowship along with spiritual stuff like praying the liturgy of the hours, doing some praise (guitars), and having a couple of guys give reflections on manhood or marriage.

Have any of you done this or been on something like this before? Anything work well? Not work well?

I could REALLY used advice as to what specific reflections to do and how long (time) they should be.

Thanks in advance for your insight!

God is good!


I’m not a guy … can I give some suggestions?

I don’t think you can go wrong with a reflection of 1 Cor 13.

Something that would be interesting for young men to reflect on - Proverbs 31.

That - and bring plenty of non-perishables to eat :slight_smile:


[LEFT]I don’t have any suggestions as I am a female but I had to say that it is nice to know that your bachelor night is full of faith and not full of…err…other things. My husband has a couple of guy friends who are in the midst of marriage, aren’t Catholic, and more than likely plan on having a crazy bachelor party…yikes. :frowning:


Thanks ladies for your advice and words of encouragement. I am still wondering where the guys are on this one though. How about your thoughts men???



Some campgrounds offer a ‘group camp’ area. Look into that as a large group with guitar on a normal site might be considered disruptive.

Make sure all the invitees know what the agenda and are up for it. Given that, you really can’t go too wrong!

If the campground rules allow it, bring a few good beers too! I forget if it was CS Lewis or Chesterton who said “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” An appropriate level of it helps guys open up and talk more freely.

Good luck!


I was about to say, what does the bachelor want?


My strong advice is to bring *enough *beer (echoing manualman a bit). This is from the perspective of a guy who thinks everything else about the trip sounds good (well - scratch that - the guitar and praise songs sound a little lame). Liturgy of the hours sounds great, you might want to plan some day hikes if there are trails in the area.

You might also think about doing some fishing if there’s water nearby. How outdoorsy is the group? Are you going camping more so you can have a peaceful area for prayer or do you want peaceful prayer alongside fun outdoors activities?

My guess is the latter will be more relaxing for a person who’s about to be married. Oh, and how could I forget: you need cigars. A lot of cigars. :thumbsup:


I was about to say. All I could think about was Beavis and Butthead when Van Driessen pulls out an acoustic on a camping trip and sings: "Men have feelings tooooooo. Can I share mine with youuuuu?"

Oh, and how could I forget: you need cigars. A lot of cigars. :thumbsup:

Now yer’ talkin’. Manly men, doing manly things. :smiley:


Yeah, I think the invities know what’s up and are cool with it. We are interesting mix of guys, all dedicated to Christ and the Church however, some express their faith in different ways. Some of us go to a Church with a high Sunday NO Mass with Latin, another goes to an African American ‘gospel’ Mass at a local ‘black’ Catholic Church, another leads music at Life Teen style Masses and is the directer of youth ministry at his parish, another goes to the local trindentine Mass Catholic Church.

The one thing that unites us is prayer and a deep love of God. Don’t worry about the guitars, no ‘holding hands nor koom by ya’ going on at this guys event.

Good point. He has told me point blank that he wants to go camping. I know he’d be down with the prayer, beer and cigars. I’m pretty sure he’s cool with the guitars too (its not just praise music but guys goofing off on guitars).

I like the beer and cigar advice (my wife doesn’t really appreciate my love for beer as much as I’d like). The group is not super outdoorsy. We’re basically looking for a place of solitude and fellowship. Unfortunately everyone has different commitments and schedules so it cannot be an entire weekend (plus some of us have wives, we cant leave them all weekend either :wink: )

I was in middle school when Beavis and Butthead was out and I wasn’t allowed to watch it (I had good parents). That said, the few times I snuck and watched it, I don’t remember that episode. Is Van Driessen the hippie girly teacher?? lol

Another thing I definitely want to do is have a time where we can pray over the ‘groom to be’ and ask God to guide and bless him as he prepares to enter into this awesome sacrament.

Thanks MEN, for your feedback. :thumbsup:


Yes, Van Driessen is the hippy girly teacher, who ended every sentence with “mmmm’k?” I was :rotfl: when I saw that.

It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” My DH is such a beer dork that he has a shirt with that on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe some discussion of a man leaving his mother and father and cleaving to his wife, and what that really means. How to maintain respect and love with parents while keeping independence and respect for the new sacramental covenant of marriage.

And don’t forget to leave some unstructured time for just BSing and all the teasing you guys will have to subject your good buddy to. Just don’t do what my DH’s best friend did when they went camping before our wedding. He decided it would be funny to throw a bullet in the fire and see what would happen. He shot a smoldering hole in his own truck seat. Thank God it didn’t hit either of them. That’s what comes from enjoying a little TOO MUCH beer! :stuck_out_tongue:


My bachelor party was over 15 years ago but I can offer two bits of advice. First, no cameras. Second, this is a celebration of the last night of “freedom”. So think of what he will do as a single guy that he will not be able to do once married. This is the night to get that out of his system for a while. Beer, cigars, fishing, may all fall into that category. If his fiance hates a certain shirt or hat he wears, that night may be the time to officially and cerimonially retire it.


That is a great idea! I never thought about that. Hmmmm, now to find out what she really naggs him about…:slight_smile:


I’d say bring on the guitars and have a good time. I don’t know where you are from, but here in Kentucky we often see guys with guitars get together to sing and play and just goof around. Add some good food, some drinks, fishing, baseball, frisbee…you have the makings for not just a good time, but the BEST time.

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