Seeking "blacklist" or desired "playlist" for Catholic school dance


I am a parent and PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) officer for our local parish school. On the last day of school the PTO will be sponsoring an all school fun day, concluding with an outdoor dance. The school custodian also works as a DJ, on the side, and, as in the past, will be providing the dance music.

Other PTO officers and myself want to approach the DJ, well in advance of the day of the dance, so as to provide him with either a “blacklist” of inappropriate artists and/or a playlist of desired songs, not limited to only Christian artists. The school dance will be for all students, Pre-K through 7th Grade.

So as to avoid “recreating the wheel” or forcing myself to watch MTV to educate myself on current artists, does anyone know of a Catholic resource out there that compiles this type of information?

Many thanks.

Frankly, I’m still busy being stunned that a school dance is being held for that age group.

For that age range, maybe you’re better off making it a “sock hop” and going with old '50s and '60s “sock hop” music or some of the “bubble gum” pop from the '70s and '80s!

Most schools, public and private begin having school dances at the 7th grade level

Sure, but this was stated to be for pre-k through 7th grade, rather than 7th grade and up.

I can see that. We usually have a DJ for our annual Halloween Party, it’s pre k-8. I think for the purpose of an actual dance I would have different events for various ages instead of one for all.

yes, i agree, why have dance for kids that young? They did it in my school for grade 7 and 8 and my mom and I thought it was ridiculous. It is too much encouraging “dating” at that age, which believe me (I would know, I was a strong Catholic girl amidst all of it) definitely happens in those ages in schools.

Yes, I totally agree. For that age group it’s only going to encourage the “dating” scene–which I saw and experienced most definitely when I was in grade 7 and 8 in school (I"m in grade 9 now homeschooled). It’s not very appropriate for those ages if you ask me.

Sorry I posted it twice, I thought it didn’t post the first time… :blush:

Our elementary school does a sock hop every year. It is a HUGE hit. No “dating” or “couples”. It is an all-family event.

I will send you a PM. :wink:

This is kind of what I was thinking! Sort of like a big family wedding party! :slight_smile:

blue rose is right about the 50’s or 60’s music. Look up the “top list” for different years on the web to give to your dj. have fun!
may God Bless,

Why don’t you see what he has already? Being a dj, he probably has some “clean” versions of some songs to use at kid/family functions.

Our school (public; K-4) just did a big family fun night with a beach party theme. We actually got djs from a local radio station - they were a country station, so there was some country music, obviously, but they did lots of other music too, plus came w/ hula hoops, bubble gum, limbo stick, etc - for contests among the kids. A dance for elem. kids can actually be pretty fun and isn’t going to automatically lead to thoughts of dating (which, like it or not, the 7th graders already have thoughts of anyway LOL).

But I’d definitely find out if he’s got the clean versions, because there will be kids putting in requests, most likely. Especially the older ones.

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