Seeking CATHOLIC works on Suffering.. Any Recommendations?

Hi everyone…

I’m hoping for recommendations on good deep catholic works on suffering… first thing that comes to mind is Dark Night of the Soul, I haven’t read it yet but it seems to define me these days in the truest sense… (no sympathy required, sorry, just trying to explain what type of book) I have been researching Dark Night online a great deal today and am finding soo many different versions/editions… had no idea there were so many! Any advice you can offer about which (St John) edition is the best and if you have any knowledge of just what the differences are between the different version/editions would be so incredibly helpful…

Any other recommendations on books about saints who endured severe unrelenting trials, hardships/oppression etc would be of interest. (Sorry,not trying to be bleak here!) Am more inclined to try books on saints life stories, St Theresa of Avila, etc. (haven’t read that either, is this good?), rather than other types.

Sadly, the only saint books I currently own are St Micheal & the Angels (great book by the way, mostly prayers but I love it) and a few Books each containing many compiled/condensed life stories of the saints. So I don’t have any experience with the larger works (I know I am an awful Catholic having realized this!)

So please… recommend away…

I’m sorry, know I’m asking an awful lot in this one little message… (sorry for rambling)… have a slow internet connection and am getting a little exasperated in my search… would rather have fellow Catholic opinions anyway!

Bless you all…

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I have a sizable library of religious books most of which came from my local Catholic store or any number of Catholic book websites…Paulist Press,Tan Publishers,Aquinas,or from EWTN,Leaflet Missal,Adoremus Books.All great sources.And EWTN has a online library which is very useful.

I also try to keep a mental list of good Catholic publishers,that way if I spy a book at an auction or garage sale I know what’s what.

As far as book recommendations…Saints who suffered???..Two words:Padre Pio.

Pray the Holy Rosary everyday and an extra for you loved ones.

Thank you. Have you read any books on him you would recommend to others?

Guessing there aren’t many books out there that follow this theme based on the lack of responses…

Unfortunately it seems as though many posters prefer to debate issues.See the thread “Euthanasia”,much conversation about the value of suffering.I imagine if you posted a similar question there then you’d see results.Or perhaps start a new thread with a provocative title??..sorry to seem so negative but apparently vinegar rather than honey attracts bees in this particular situation.

Making Sense Out of Suffering by Dr. Peter Kreeft
Audio talk on Kreeft’s book here for free.

Secrets of a Soul: Padre Pio’s Letters to His Spiritual Director You get a sense of his daily agony from this book.

Some of his instruction on combating various trials are well organized in Padre Pio’s Words of Hope.

Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

You could do a search at Father Corapi’s website for “suffering” or “cross” for great CD talks by him.

Whenever you can, I recommend supporting a book seller like TANbooks or what the other poster mentioned. My links are mostly to Amazon cuz it was easier to search like that in just a couple minutes.

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