Seeking/Finding God

How does one Seek/Find God? I mean the bible says to seek the lord and all that. Basically my question is how exactly do we seek the lord, and how do we know when we find him?

Going to liturgy, reading the bible and prayer. :slight_smile:

Prayer, reading the Bible, attend Liturgy, Eucharistic Adoration.

Seek and yea will find, god is already with you… Now just pray in thanks…
God does not come to you in a stretch limo with huge neon lights and Orchestra,

Try spending ten minutes in silence…sometimes God speaks to us in the quiet moments. There is no “formula” for seeking God but many of the saints offer suggestions…Lectio Divina is another method to help a seeker dwell on Gods word…

Don’t forget, since you are listed as a Catholic that you meet Christ Our Lord in the Sacraments. Your seeking God is already set before you with these grace enriching elements of our faith. Receiving these Sacraments in proper disposition will always aid in your continuing growth in spirituality. Look up spirituality based books and you will find good information on the process of finding and seeking out God in your daily prayer and reflections:thumbsup:

You’ve got to want it. Every way we seek God/Truth is an exercise in faith, which pleases Him. Read the bible and Church literature: encyclicals, the catechism, conciliar documents, devotional readings, lives of the saints, Augustine, Aquinas, etc, all ultimately aimed at growth in the knowledge of God. Pray and receive the sacraments. The smallest amount of faith grows into greater and greater faith as we respond to grace and God responds back with even more yet.

**And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. **Heb 11:6

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