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Seeking help for my problem


I am not replying much I have responsibilities to fullfil . Again you are judging. I was truly concerned but perhaps for myself that I will be judged that it looks bad to the world that I as orthodox do not accept other christians and that some catholics who receive the gospel wonder if they are accepted and I wanted to support them. I thought many catholics share similar beliefs. Also I really was trying to find common ground but as you do not seek unity with us there is no point.
I thought I was welcome to have beliefs that are not catholic. I thought the catholic church may be true if it has bigger numbers and it is more evangelical with many good works and that it is attractive with my goal or duty to reach the lost. But I have to be sure it teaches the truth regarding the gospel. Just know when people like you try to block me from forums my chances of seeking the truth are less likely as I won’t have many or any people I can trust to turn to easily


We on CAF don’t care if you are Orthodox. Have you seen the Orthodox threads. There are quite a few chatters who are Orthodox. Do a CAF search for Orthodox threads.

We respect other religions, it’s a rule we have.

You are welcome to have any beliefs you wish.

You are not welcome to run anti catholic rhetoric, or attack our Holy See.

I am not trying to block you, I don’t have that capability. I am telling you to stop with the anti catholic rhetoric



Do not view the discussion area as a vehicle for single-mindedly promoting an agenda.
Do not incite animosity towards anyone, especially the clergy.

Non-Catholics are welcome to participate but must be respectful of the faith of the Catholics participating on the board. Catholics must be respectful of the legitimate religious preferences and practices of their fellow Catholics.

Catholics must be charitable in their discussions about non-Catholic belief and practice.


I did not attack the Holy See. I probably disagree with some of their beliefs. If you can’t accept that then I won’t stay on this forum if you won’t let me stay. I thought it is your job as church to welcome argument and not fear it and try to convince me to the truth. If you intend to kick me out to control me I don’t think you are following christ but God knows your heart if you don’t intend to hurt me. But how then will I be ever open to learn or be convinced?


I apologise I still accept catholics who unknowingly follow what may be false by which I mean invincible ignorance. But the belief I believe is antichrist


And it’s exactly that kind of thing that Roseeurekacross is talking about.

Just flagged my first and hopefully only post.


Then I don’t think I can please you guys


Not as long as you talk like that you can’t. Unnecessary and completely uncalled for.


there is no other way to talk about what I believe is true.


Sure there is.

Not here. Not in that way. That’s not okay.

Would you like it if people came into your house and talked to you that way? Because that’s what you’ve done here.


So I guess I should leave everyone to believe what they want. I learned my lesson


That’s sort of the idea. I don’t go to other forums calling their leaders the anti-Christ.

You can disagree with what we believe and even voice it, but straight up anti-Catholic rhetoric is wrong and against forum rules. As I said, you wouldn’t think it was fair in your house.


Ok I think you are right because I think my dad was telling me something similar today when I talked about rebuking people in church


If your dad was telling you that what you just did is wrong, he is 100% correct in what he’s saying.


It’s my job to defend my faith, my church, my Pope.

You denied Vatican 11 and were mumbling about heresy . That’s a direct attack. I don’t accept it. I make no apologies for not accepting it.

I have no ability to kick anyone out. Why would you think I do?

Yes God knows my heart and my soul. They both belong to God. And I am obedient to His Vicar on earth, the Pope


I talked about another issue I am not sure I told him about my posting today or about being on this forum


I am glad you are honest in your desire to please God


How old are you


31 years old


I haven’t followed what religion you are if any (and I mean no disrespect by that). Have you sought religious counsel for your concerns? Because it might help. Especially if you’re having trouble with people in a church you attend.

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