Seeking help for my problem


I pray you learn to moderate . And that you find the truth. Perhaps go to the non catholic religion subforum and share your rhetoric with the orthodox there.

Because clearly your ideas are anti catholic

You called our Pope a heretic


I am coptic orthodox christian. No I haven’t sought many counsels. I believe they will act like they have no answer for it as I felt they did before. I see a catholic psychiatrist.


You have no questions, just a long list of anti catholic rhetoric


Thankyou. I hope I do too. A heretic is someone who chooses heresy wilfully and knows it is wrong. I can not know if someone does or they are doing so because they have inherited the heresy from some other person and whether that person was wilful I do not know either. My dad says heresy is just rejecting Jesus Christ and being willful. He says if someone has an opinion about something else it is not heresy but I am not sure I can agree unless they don’t know better. The idea he has I would say is heresy but I do not know if he is heretic


And yet you still called our Pope and the Catholic Church heretics for Vatican 11


If I did I was in error.


Yes you are.

Do you know understand how that is stirring the shite? You say no one catholic answers your questions. Do you blame them , if you keep saying Vatican 11 and all the Catholics and clergy since are in heresy if they believe in that event and it’s documents


No I do not blame them. But I am entitled to my own beliefs without judging people


I was surprised that you felt you were being attacked in the first place, but you are right, we are obligated to respond to you according to our beliefs. But there are specific instructions about how that response is to occur:

1 Peter 3:15 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

Every soul has a God given responsibility to seek after God and to find Him, and those of us that know where He is have a responsibility to bring Him to those who do not know Him. Anyone who fail to seek diligently will be held accountable.

There is nothing in Vat. 2 that teaches this. Where do you get these ideas? Are you just listening to anti Catholic rhetoric? Have you actually READ any of the documents?!

You seem quick to make judgments without having done any research.

It sounds like you believe there is no one in heaven before Christianity? Moses and Elijah met with Jesus in the Transfiguration but were not saved?

How is it that you came to be the judge of how God will save people?

It is not up to humans. We cannot know the hearts of other persons. Only God knows. We try to reach them with the gospel, we pray for them, and we commend them to the mercy of God.

I agree that this unity must be worked by our leaders, but I think we all have a responsibility to seek unity with the Orthodox persons. This particular person seems to be thinking wildly and has been contaminated with a lot of anti-Catholic hostility.


You are not alone. You are consistent with what was taught at Vat. 2

Where did you get this idea? This is not a Christian attitude!

I am confused why you think the Catholic Church teaches otherwise.

So how come this does not apply to you? How is it that you are judging us, and judging them?

You seem very, very confused. You are making statements that show it is true, but you are saying you must reject it.

I think what you are trying to say here is that Catholics and Protestants have embraced heresies and therefore cannot be saved?

Yes, there are Christians in the US too, but there are still millions who have not heard the Gospel, or heard a twisted Gospel.


Is someone pressuring you to become Catholic? You are right that you have a very inaccurate understanding of what the Catholic Church believes and teaches. Of course no one should “accept them boldly” when they are in such a state of confusion! It would be dangerous.

I am curious to know who made you worry.

I am also curious to know what desires and weaknesses you may have that would be solved by becoming Catholic.

What makes you think you are not “safe”?

People cannot join the Catholic Church just because they are accepted and like the teachings. You have been misled.

Honestly, you seem to have enough problems of your own to solve that you are not in a position to be worried about them right now. Your first responsibility is to get your own soul to heaven, is it not?

How could this happen? You seem to have been told a great deal of venom about Catholicism.

I am confused why you think anyone could take away your faith in Christ? Since the Catholic Church teaches that there is no other way of salvation but Christ, how could you deceive others? And if there are 'other Christians" don’t they already have Christ? Honestly I am not following your reasoning here.

This is not the teaching of the Catholic Church.Orthodox are accepted because they embrace the Apostolic faith, have valid sacraments, and valid Holy Orders.


Thankyou for your replies. My dad is shaming me for not doing the work I said I would do. I have to finish that first. I thought I would come back in my break. But it seems if I keep coming back to forums I will never do work or have a future.


The Catholic Church neither accepts or rejects those who are invincibly ignorant. We commend their souls to God. We cannot know who they are.

It sounds like your dad is very wise.

This is an appropriate concern. Jesus said they (the world) will know we are Christians by our love for one another. For that reason, we all have an obligation to work for unity.

Accepted by whom? You? God? The Catholic Church? The Orthodox Church? You have an obligation to accept other Christians, and not to judge them.

So far, it does not seem like you are very “supportive”.

With all due respect, I have read most of your posts on here, and it appears that you are the one who is not seeking unity. You have been attacking and disparaging. There is a great deal of common ground between us, but your understanding of Catholicism seems so distorted you have not been able to see that.

And what might those be? That you get to judge who is invincibly ignorant and condemned?

Of course you are welcome to have beliefs that are not Catholic, but you are on a Catholic forum, so you cannot expect us not to tell you when you have misunderstood Catholic doctrine.


These are not good reasons to determine if the CC is true. The crucial issue is if the four marks of the Church are present. Any secular agency can have large numbers (like the Red Cross), do good works and reach out to those who need help.

I think this is a noble goal, but the way you have gone about reaching it is not. Instead of coming here and spewing your confusion and anti-Catholic statements, why not invest your energy in learning what the Church actually teaches?

I don’t know who the “people like you” are. I don’t have any ability to block anyone on this forum. But, if you are here to attack the Catholic faith, then you violate the forum rules and the moderators may block you. For that reason,if you wish to participate in discussion you might want to consider reading the forum rules and following them.

The problem is that you have a disagreeable attitude when you don’t even know what we believe.

You don’t have to agree, you just have to follow the forum rules.

Of course, this is why CAF is here! But you have not presented yourself as someone who is open to learning what we believe. Instead, you have come here with a lot of venom, accusation, and flat out confusion.

The members here cannot “kick out” anyone. You will be removed if you don’t follow the forum rules. If you are unwilling to follow the forum rules then it is YOU who are not following Christ by respecting authority.

And truthfully, you don’t seem very open to learn or be convinced.


Will all due respect that was to rose.


And what might that be, exactly? What do Catholics follow that is false?

No, and there is not need to do so. We can have discussion without you “pleasing” us. You can disagree, as long as you follow the forum rules.

Sure there is. Find some Catholic sources that teach what you are saying they teach, then we can talk about it. Until then, refrain from bashing us with all the venom to which you have been exposed that is nothing but misinformation.

The lesson you need to learn is to find out what people actually believe before condemning them!

You don’t have the right to rebuke those you have decided are not even in the Church.

Do you feel that your psychiatrist is pressuring you to become Catholic?

Why is it so important for you to judge others to determine if they are heretics? Don’t you have enough sorting to do with your own faith? Honestly, you sound very confused to me.


Of course you are, but since you have been on CAF, you have been exceedingly judgmental in many ways.

It is easy to get sucked up on here for hours. It has happened to me many of times. But you should obey your dad, and do the work you said you would do. God will honor your obedience.

It is important to find a balance between work and theological study.

In the upper right of your screen you will see a little moniker with numbers above it. This is where there is a list of all the posts made in reply to yours. You can go through it and find all the replies if you wish to read them later.


Ok thankyou I will come back when I can :slight_smile:


was going to say something but maybe later


.As for those who have never heard of christ evangelism still helps to give greater chance but everyone who seeks can find the truth even without our help but why not help those who do not seek for themselves?

The below is a question answered from orthodox perspective from the book timeless truth by george bassilios

St Moses the black was in the desert seeking God asking even the Sun and God told him to go to where St Isidore is in the desert who is an abbot of monks

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