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I have a friend of mine, he and I have been in conversation for years off and on about matters of faith. He belongs to a small Hispanic Pentecostal church. In our conversations I have done my best to defend the Catholic church and our conversations have been quite amiable, He has even come with me to mass on a few occasions. we have even have had good discussions regarding the church fathers. His grandfather today has asked me to come to visit the pentecostal church with him in the near future. As I think it only fair, I am going to visit so that I may observe. I should note I am convinced of the Truth which the Catholic church espouses but I am aware that some of these small churches tend to be quite anti-catholic. I will be praying and relying on the Holy Spirit to help me in this effort but I ask you out of prudence, what should I expect. I ask what should I be aware of in regards to apologetics. Please pray for my friend, I really do feel the Lord is turning him to seek the truth. I thank you for your time and your response. God Bless you.

Evangelical churches I think tend to focus on emotional apeals to the Spirit. They will try to provide a conversion experience for you…

The truth is your best ally. They know that the Catholic Church was the original Christian Church. By necessity, they need to believe that the Church in some way apostasized to defend their breaking from it. This is why there is a lot of anti-Catholic rhetoric in these churches at times. This is mostly do to ignorance and it is easy to counter.

Ask them what they need to do to be saved that a Catholic doesn’t also do. They will not be able to come up with anything that you can’t readily refute. Some will claim that you don’t need to do anything, all that matters is faith in Jesus. It is easy to state that we also have faith in Jesus.

Then ask them what a Catholic does that they don’t have to do. They will probably be able to come up with a long list starting with the sacraments. The first thing to do is ask how doing more can possibly be harmful. The logic there will help. Then turn it on them and ask why they don’t do these things. They may claim they are unnecessary. show them in John 6, where it says that if you don’t eat Jesus’ body and drink his blood, you have no life within you. And show them where Jesus tells them to follow him. That’s what we Catholics try to do. It takes more than Faith. You need to follow his example. It will be hard for them to argue against this.

Give your friend Scott Hahns conversion CD as found on

You cannot “evangelize” someone who is already a Christ follower.

It is interesting that when I talk to my Catholic friends and family about Evangelicals witnessing to Roman Catholics, they condemn it as “sheep stealing.”

But when Roman Catholics seek to get people to leave their churches and join the RCC, that is good and honorable.

Hmmm. That is a problem right off the bat.

I would suggest you do not make it your priority to get this man to join your denomination. When he sees that your main purpose is just to get another member to join your church, he may feel slightly used.

Keep talking about that faith and those facts, however. That is good stuff.

Also if you feel you cannot answer a question right away be willing to write down their questions and go back again to answer them, avoid losing your composure and feeling defensive. Even though apologetics is about defending your position, realize you have nothing to prove because The Church contains the full truth.

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