Seeking Passionists


Seeking Passionists

Funny thing. The more I look into Passionist spirituality and the Passionist charism the more I find absolutely nothing that doesn’t resonate with me. It all clicks!

There’s gotta’ be a hitch.

I am deeply moved by Christ’s suffering and the Paschal Mystery. From His agony to His resurrection the love He showed increases my desire when I observe our current world in such rebellion and a state of indifference. I am concerned for the disadvantaged and I am prayerful for Christ’s mercy to embrace them.

I am also what many may categorize as orthodox Catholic. I am not a fan of church division and the reaction to this declaration of orthodoxy may prove me right. Some sympathies often cause unnecessary prejudice. The only reason I even mention it is that in giving my heart to a community it is understandably precautionary to investigate the “motivations” behind that community. In my discernment (religious, not priesthood) I have observed traits within some communities that are often glossed over.

It appears to me that the Passionist community is extremely spiritual, committed to the Church, very active in ministry and mission, visibly compassionate and sensitive, and not a dissenting voice within the Church.

But who knows if I’m on the money, or way off base? Is there a Passionist blog site where discerning men and women can bat around a few concerns and inquiries regarding the Passionists? Or is this a pretty good source? (Any Passionist links I may find useful?….)

Thanks for your help.


Welcome Enshrouded!:)

I am a member of the Confraternity of the Passion which is the oldest lay association in the Passionist congregation. I am lucky enough to attend the monthly meetings at one of their monasteries that is nearby my house. It is a beautiful place and a real spiritual oasis. I feel fortunate to have it. As for the people of the confraternity, they are deeply religious, pious and devout. Many of the women wear vales, the rosary is said and most of us are invested in and wear the Black Scapular of the Passion. The Mass is the NO mass, but it is very reverent. The priests of the order are wonderful and are actually quite jovial and full of good spirit, which one might find alittle odd considering their charism of the constant remembrance of Christs Passion. I feel Blessed to have found this order!

It appears to me that the Passionist community is extremely spiritual, committed to the Church, very active in ministry and mission, visibly compassionate and sensitive, and not a dissenting voice within the Church.

I think you will find all of those things in this congregation.

Here are a couple of sites for vocations -

This a wonderful blog with plenty of good links -

And finally, if you would like, click on the link below my signature, The Passionists!, which will bring you to a Passionist group right here at CAF where we discuss everything concerning the congregation. Hope to see you there!:)


You certainly didn’t do a very good job at “cooling my jets”!

jimcav, that’s exactly where I was going. And thanks for the reassurances.

I have also been blessed with a local presence of Passionists at Christ the King Retreat Center here in California. It’s kind of funny how things shake out in discernment sometimes, isn’t it? I am very thankful we are asked to “wait on the Lord”. I have been discerning for a little over two years now. Impatience would’ve prevented me from being aware of what was resting right on my own doorstep.

The links you provided were great, especially the blog site. I’ll check out the group too. Thanks a bunch.


I'm glad I didn't say anything to "cool your jets"! :D

You to are indeed fortunate to have a Passionist monastery close by. It's much easier to become attached to an order if you are able to be around them. I stumbled on the Passionists pretty much by accident. My daughter goes to HS across the street from the monastery. One day while waiting for her, I went in to see the place and see who they were. I only had a faint idea of who the Passionists were. Well, I immediately felt the presence of God there and I fell in love with the place from that point. The priest I met that day by chance happened to be the head of the confraternity. What a wonderful and holy man! From that accidental meeting, I joined the confraternity, I attend holy nights there and am now on my way to taking private vows through them.

My whole experience with the Passionists have enlightened my spirituality, deepened my prayer life and have given me a true understanding of the love Christ showed for us from His Holy Cross.

I will prayer for your discernment and I will pray that one day I will meet you as a Passionist priest!:)


I know that those on the threads before me know the Passionists were found by St John of the Cross and I think the Order has dimished a lot , sadly.
However as I am from Ireland are were talking about the same order which we call the Cross and Passion Priests.
In Dublin here we have Mount Argus Church which is over 150 years old and still a working Parish Church, and where we have a few years ago cannonised one of the Priests St. Charles. He was a very Holy Priest who gave of himself to the poor. In his time that area of Dublin would have been extreemly poor and he worked with the poor day and night. There is tremendous devotion to him and after 10 a.m. you can kneel at the alter rail and be blessed with his first class relic.
There are few Priests there now however but a great Parish.
I myself was educated by the Cross and Passion Nuns in Nothern Ireland and they still have convents. North and South
Most of the Priests who have been in Mount Argus Dublin and those still there are also from Nothern Ireland, mostly.
The Cross and Passion Priests still have some Houses, but vocations are few. They are wonderful preachers.
I also have a geat Devotion to the Passion of Jesus.
I think we might be talking abou the same order? I would be grate ful for you comments.
God Bless :)


Yes, they are the same order.:)

Well, technically, the Passionists are not an order, but a congregation, St. Paul of the Cross was there founder, not St. John of the Cross. He was trying to start a full order on par with the Franciscans, Dominicans and the like, but the Church had stopped granting the formation of full orders. So the Passionists became a congregation, which is organised to pray on a very specific charism, there's being the preaching of the Passion of Christ, while an order lives out a Rule of Life.

St. Charles of Mt Argus is a very well known saint in Passionist circles. He was a humble and quiet man, who was originally from Belgium, that worked and prayed tirelessly with the poor for the conversion of there souls and there are many healing miracles attributed to him. He certainly gave his full measure to the poor of Dublin! You are fortunate to be so close to his shrine!

Yes, sadly I think vocations to the congregation are down here in the states also. Many of the priests and brothers I know and see are older. My spiritual director there is a blessed 86 years old, and I pray for him always. What a wonderful and holy man! The monastery I go to no longer recieves any funding from the Passionists. They are to my knowledge on there own. It's so sad to think that this beautiful house of God, this oasis in the middle of the city, could someday actually close. I pray that this never happens.:(

If you like, please click on my link below my signature that says The Passionists! It is a group here at CAF where we discuss and learn everything about the Passionists.


Thank you Jimcav for your clearance! Yes Mount Argus is only about 20 mins. away from me. It is a very beautiful Church and the living quatrers for the Priests very large. These are no longer required now in such a large way and as Mount Argus is marked as a heritage site, great care is being taken to possibly convert as much as possible into a retreat center. A most modern retirement home for elderly Priests has just opened, and for those who served in the missions. Their private Church is amazing, with chairs, stations of the Cross ,Tabernacle, all wooden and hand crafted.
The Passionists Frs. of Mount Argus are the Chaplins to our Police Force, the Gardai(Police) ! who have been very supportive of Mount Argus over many many years.
I looked up The Passionists and was very interested in the Chaplet of the 5 Wounds. Do You happen to know if you can purchase the beads. I visit a Priest in Mount Argus and he could bless them for me.
Thank you so much
God Bless :)


Thank you for the continued dialog, as it is all very helpful. There are many considerations that are often not addressed with certain inquiries. A little “community” of our own and some honest discussion can be very helpful. The Passionists remain a persistent calling for me. But the chance to discern with the right perspective is the fruit of an honest pursuit of knowledge. Thanks again.


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