Seeking Prayers and Advice for Converting

I’m stumbling in my journey to the faith and I need help… I am baptized and confirmed Lutheran, but i was never overly devote and has not practiced in a very long time. However, i first felt compelled to baptise my son. To do this I had to join a church. i tried several in my area, and different demonimations. unable to feel at home at any of them, i one day felt pulled to catholism. I’ve been reading the catechism and the bible, and most days, tthe daily mass readings at the suggestion of an RCIA counselor (I’m not current enrolled in the program yet)… I feel the Holy Sprit in those actions, but my Mass experience has been lack luster. I’ve gone to Mass twice, but both times I’ve had to remove myself from the service (before seeing the Eucharist ) because my toddler son is not the best attendee. I honestly feel more and truthfully miss taking communion (i know its not the eucharist but i still felt connected to that moment in that upper room). Right now, i get a big empty feeling in the pew. Another big issue is my husband. he was baptised and confirmed methodist, although not very regious and is completely against my desire to become Catholic. I feel like apart from a very direct intervention by God, he will not budge. This is causing great strif in the marriage and it will be even bigger when it comes to our son and future baby (pregnant–natural family life planning went a little awry or was deliberately overruled by not us-there is a differing opinion on that one in the marriage).

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death

St. Jude, pray for SeekingIrene!

Let it be known that the Mass may be central to the Catholic faith, but only to those who are already Catholic. When coming into the Church, Mass is merely on the horizon. I am speaking from experience.

In stead of focusing on getting through Mass, try to find other forms of communal worship and fellowship with the Catholic community. Furthermore, focus on your spiritual formation so that you will see Mass for what it really is, a Sacred Mystery. Come to an understanding beforehand of what a Sacred Mystery is. It is then, and only then, you can experience the truth of the Gospel.

Talk to as many Catholics as you can. Believe me, you will be surprised at how many spiritual levels there are in the Church. You may even be envious at the fact that certain people are privileged to be able to take communion while you have to wait until the end of your initiation. None the less, there are many who have a firm grasp on the reality of Christ’s Gospel…not just the semantic logistics of the faith, but a real experience which they can convey to you. Receive their testimony, and receive the faith that the Church has from God. At that point, God will look not on your sins, but on your faith, and you will bear no shame when you approach the most sacred parts of his house and receive your inheritance in his kingdom.

Perhaps you could attend while your husband watches the two year old? Or get a sitter if you prefer? It is good that you take time to see that your Spiritual needs are being met, so you can be a better mommy. :slight_smile: The Catholic Church was given to us by Jesus Christ to assist us in knowing, loving, and living for God, so that we may all go to Heaven. Our priorities are God first, then Spouse, & children. Since God is first, We must obey him first, even before the wishes of your spouse. God is calling you to the Catholic Church for your salvation. Trust in God’s leading. For every objection that your husband has, The Church has a wise, and truthful answer. The Catholic Church, which was built upon the “chosen people of God”, has the wisdom of 4000 years of being in relationship with God!

May God bless your journey! :hug3:

See if you can find a parish with a nursery. I have a 3 year old daughter and we drop her off before going to Mass. She gets to play with the other children and we get to worship for an hour-everyone’s happy. I’m also new to the faith and it’s difficult to learn the liturgy, prayers, etc., when you’re struggling with a little one. I get so much more out of it now. We will take her Christmas, Easter, other special services, because there’s no nursery at those times and besides she needs to learn how to sit and behave anyway. I’m hoping when she starts preschool she’ll settle down.

Prayers for you! I can relate a lot…I am also converting and I know how it can be attending mass alone while pregnant with a wiggly tot in tow! My husband is also not at all interested in converting, but he is supportive and doesn’t have problems with raising our kids Catholic so I don’t know what to say about that one. I continue to pray for him, I second the other poster that says it may be easier at first to “get into” mass if you go alone. I personally fell in love with mass early on in my journey after reading more about it. I can’t remember exactly what I was reading, some stuff here and there on the internet.

But I do recommend “Catholicism for Dummies” and the (free download) Luke E. Hart series on
Its great that you have been in contact with the RCIA team and they are helping you out. RCIA can be an interesting journey for sure…I pray you have a good class. Don’t let it get you down however, if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Try to really connect with the people you meet there, and try to participate in other events too where you meet people in the church.

On tots in mass in general, lots of people recommend a front row seat so they can really see whats going on, of course that means a longer walk if you have to leave…we try to split the difference. I also bring a few small quiet fiddle toys for mine in my purse, I start out with no toys and slowing introduce them as she gets restless. A small notepad and a pen usually work well too. New toys work the best, or toys that she hasn’t seen in a while. The dollar store is good for this, where you can grab several small inexpensive toys for them. I make her sit in the pew and don’t let her feet touch the ground. Also, I try to make a big production of getting ready to go to church, dressing her up and telling her that we are going to church and its a special time, she had to be very good, we are going to see Jesus…etc. And I feed her breakfast and then have her fill up on snacks just prior to leaving and in the car so she won’t be grumpy. And most importantly, I PRAY she will be quiet! Of course, these tactics that I’ve learned from moms on this forum have helped greatly, its not always perfect! I wish my church had a cry room!

Praying for you, if you have any more questions, vents, rants, etc, we are here for you!

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