Seeking recommendations for children nonfiction book sets

Hi. I wonder if anyone can offer recommendations for very substantial non-fiction book sets for 4th graders and up. I’m looking for solid coverage of non-fiction subjects like science, history, culture and geography. There are a number of encyclopedias, obviously, but I really want something more structured: something you can browse. I remember having this sort of library decades ago when I was a kid, but I don’t see anything that fits this description anywhere. The closest I’ve seen is Britannica’s expensive Illustrated Science Library. Are there other options?

Why am I posting this question in a Catholic forum? Well, I posted this same question on Amazon too, but there is the issue of ideology. For example, there is the popular notion that Christopher Columbus could not get Portuguese sponsorship for his journey because those ignorant Catholics thought the earth was flat. Or the subject of Galileo and religion’s relationship with science. I want to avoid books that overindulge in ideological sheap shots. If I’m going to invest in something substantial for my daughter, I’d much rather not have our faith sneered at.

I forget who the publisher is, but my famly has several DK books, and they are fine. 4th grade and up seems about right for them.

To be fair, most of our books are harder sciences, astronomy, geology etc. Little if any history, etc. But what we have are OK. For example, the sections on the Big Bang were straightforwordly scientific but not scientistic, if you will.

Hi, and thanks for your suggestion. I have given the DK website a once-over.

It looks like the expensive Britannica set remains the closest thing I have in mind. There was very little response to my same question at Amazon. My options, it seems, are limited.

I think it’s unfortunate that I can’t find anything else comparable to this set. For that matter, I only found this set after reading news about how Britannica discontinued their printed encyclopedia line. It probably says something about the state of book reading today. The amount of material available online is wonderful (including, alas, pirated PDFs of that expensive Britannica set), but printed books seem to have suffered in the process.

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