Seeking Recommendations for Science Fiction Novels With No Profanity


Hi. I am so appalled at how so many novels, as well as movies, have such offensive profanity. I’m trying to find good, well-written science fiction novels with no profanity, particularly those which don’t abuse the Lord’s name. It does not have to be a Catholic-themed novel although, if it is, so much the better. My favorite themes are stories involving time travel, with alien contact and alien interaction a close second.


Doctor Who material is all about time travel and alien contact and generally pretty clean in such regards. There are endless novels based on and spinning off from the 50+ year old TV series.


I think there is less profanity in the older novels, like early to mid 20th century.


A Canticle for Leibowizt is a good read. Quite weird, but it is very Catholic.


Very weird but yes it’s solidly Catholic, although sadly as I recall the author killed himself eventually. The classic Foundation series is one I’d recommend, although Asimov’s strength’s don’t generally lie in great character development (although there are some exceptions to this), Frank Herbert’s Dune series, Helliconia by Brian Aldiss. Although that last named one is a bit gloomy. There’s three I’d recommend to start with.


this a very interesting topic

i used to really like science fiction novels & movies

the genre seems to have run out of new ideas

the “modern” SF is either atheistic or openly anti-catholic

here is a wiki link to the last SF short story


Nah, there’s plenty of new ideas it’s just that as was observed by one of the pioneers in the field, “90 percent of everything is rubbish”, it just requires been selective about what you read.


See if you find anything interesting here:


I would very much recommend Jeff Wheeler. He is part of a clean fiction movement. His book series are very well done. I can’t recommend his work more highly. I recommend that you start out with the “Whispers of Mirrowen” trilogy.


One of the things I like about the Japanese language is that there’s not so many swear words, but still translations include them.


Brian Davis has some sci-fi and all of his books are clean.


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