Seeking Suggestions for Good Topics

Hello, I am new here, so I don’t know if this is the right place to post this question or not, if not please move it to the right place.

I’m a Filipino and currently living in Perth Australia. This is my first month in Perth. The parish we do attend is like United Nations many people from different nations receive your sacraments there. The parish has an “English Conversational” program and I attended last Sunday and I guess everyone feel a sense of community there.

The teacher is asking suggestions on topics of conversation or whatever issue we will like to discuss in order to make the meeting as useful as possible for everybody.

Thanks for reading, any idea is appreciated.

Just watch the topics pop up on the left of the forum…interesting stuff popping up everyday!

Very true…lots of interesting subjects come up… some threads go off course a bit…
but one interesting subject on here has been regarding Judas … one of the disciples of jesus.
your topic could concern him… was he men’t to do what he did all along ?
was he sent to hell ? why would he be sent to hell if Jesus knew all along what the result would be if he was picked to join him ? so many Questions could be asked about him, your best to write notes before you go,or you might go off track too…
Hope you like Perth… The best real estate there is Kings Park… Beautiful there…
we spent a week there,went down to Margaret River… I could Live there…

The importance of prayer is a great topic!

Thanks for the responses. Any other suggestions?

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