Seen this Missal around?



I am looking to buy a new missal. I really love the size and shape of this one made by CTS in London, but it’s marked for clergy to study from. It’s apparently the identical content to their altar missal (a stunning missal, imho).

Could a lay person use this as his own hand missal I wonder? Has anyone seen this in person? Does anyone have the other CTS Missals (Sunday or Daily)? I am also interested in the daily one for the readings each day, but I’m nervous about the massive size.

Study Missal (for Clergy)


That study Missal looks lovely. I think it is quite a bit bigger than the People’s Edition of the Daily Missal, though. I have the daily one. It has pretty much everything in it, 3440 pages! It is a brick! Quite tiring to hold open - needs 2 hands. The pages are quite flimsy, but still it is heavy. I also have it in a leatherette zip-up cover, which adds a little more weight. Still, it is very good. I am pretty sure it is still smaller that the study one for clergy.


The study missal looks so small based on this photo I’ve found!

I actually just got an email back from someone at CTS saying the study missal is not entirely useless for the laity, but it offers no readings and so (for me) that instantly makes it not worth my money. I’m wanting to have the readings and prayers for laity (confession, adoration, etc.)

I’m torn between the daily missal and their Sunday missal…I want all the readings but I am just really uninterested in how big that daily version is. I’m a young guy even and that looks like something I wouldn’t want to lug around!


Check out Give us This Day missal. It comes in two different sizes and they allow you to buy a sample before subscribing.


It looks like you’re in the United States from your profile, so why do you want the British Missal?

There are several good missals available from US publishers, the Saint Paul Daily (or Sunday) Missal, the St. Joseph, the Midwestern Theological Forum, etc. all of which have the readings for each day.


I dont like the look of any of the American produced missals.


British prayerbooks are lovely, and often have beautiful prayers and meditations etc, however, the translation of the readings for Mass is not the same one as used in America. If you wish to use the missal for Mass in the US, it is better to use an American one. British devotional prayerbooks are wonderful to use, though.


Well, I live in Seoul, Korea so I’m just happy to have anything in English at Mass. Hence me not caring if it’s for US/UK/Australia etc.~:D


If that is the case, then go right ahead and buy one. You can probably find it on I have found British prayer books there. They will ship outside the UK.


Of course its lectionary will be different than an American Missal since the American readings are based on the NAB. The Midwest Theological Forum publishes a daily hand missal

Daily Roman Missals

in both standard and Large Print editions. I purchased one and have been quite pleased.

The runner-up was the Missal published by the Daughters of St Paul


but I was looking for a single volume, and they break theirs into a Sunday and Weekday editions.

I would look at both of these in person.



The Saint Paul Daily Missal contains BOTH the Sunday Readings (3 Year Cycle) and the Daily Readings (2 Year Cycle). I have one, and I love it. Only drawback was that I had to have a cover made for it as none of the commercially available ones were large enough to fit it.


I am a lay person and often use this missal as a “hand missal” in the Mass. I agree this it is very good, having the same contents as the one the priest is using on the altar (at least in my country, Australia). It does not have the readings, so when a new lectionary is published (which I expect in the next few years in Australia) I expect to buy one of those and I will still have an accurate and complete Roman Missal.


If you are attending Mass in a language other than English in Korea you can use an English missal from any country when you are praying the prayers of the Mass. People here keep trying to steer you to American missals, but the New America Bible translation is only used in America, and when one does attend Mass in English, in countries other than America, the beauty of the other translations used in other English speaking countries does jump out at you. At least it did me. If the missal that you are looking at doesn’t have the readings, and you are attending Mass in the Korean language and really need them, you could look into getting a British missal that does have them. I have seen beautiful Briitish missals advertised on-line. If you go to the CTS website, I am sure that you can find one that you will be very happy with.


I bought the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Baronius Press. The quality was exceptional, it will last the rest of my life.
Based on that experience, I’m ordering the Roman Missal produced by the same company. It too will last my life.
Scapularkid, you made me smile. Your faith is evident in the fact the you want something to help you participate in the Mass to best of your ability. God bless for that, and for making this Canadian in Toronto smile. Thank you!


We have ancient traditions in our Church. Why try to change the artistic heritage of that :wink:


Yes. It’s actually so funny how I’m so picky about having nice liturgical books. I brought a monastic diurnal to adoration at the Cathedral in Myeongdong and a Korean man saw me and said what book is that?! It looks so amazing. I think you are very pious.

Well, I am actually not but I thought it was so funny how his impression from my nice looking book gave him such a shock. Koreans are mostly using missals contained in apps or look up the readings online…they all have their high-tech phones out during Mass! It’s quite a site, the sea of mantillas and rosaries and glowing faces lit with Samsung smart phones haha


So in Toronto, you don’t see phones during Mass, although I do have the excellent iMissal, on my HTC (another Korean favourite).
Did you get to see Holy Father when he was there??
Next time I have my bilgogi and japchai and kimchee, I remember you when I give thanks for the meal. :slight_smile:


No, I am currently in the US and have been since the beginning of the summer so I just missed him. Although the devotion there to St Kim Taegun has been reignited after he visited his birthplace I’d think. His story is so inspirational, especially for young men. I wish more people outside of Korea knew of him.


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