Seinfeld and messages

In the late 1980s and most of the 1990s, this show drew an audience, but I wonder if people noticed what it was saying.

Jerry and Elaine are in a store looking at porn videos. They notice one of the performers is someone they know. Jerry says: “So now he’s a public fornicator.”

Or “He’s gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Or, Jerry again: “Naked is good.”

All of the characters were distinctly unfunny with the exception of Kramer, and dysfunctional.

I post this as an example of how morality is treated on television. The comparisons with the 1960s should be obvious.

My Christian brothers and sisters, be aware of what you spend your time doing and watching.

God bless,

I just bought the gift box set of the entire series. I loved the show when it was on.

Seinfeld is not the devil.

Sorry, but they were all funny in their own way. Kramer definitely got a lot of the laughs, but they were all humorous.

George was the short, stocky, slow-witted bald man who may have turned out to be a normal person if it weren’t for his parents and what must have been a very long childhood. He was the most amoral of all the characters, but yet wasn’t exactly immoral either.

Jerry was probably the most normal of all the characters, and he was able to be a sort of an observer of all the weirdos around him without being sucked in. On the other hand, his obsession with Superman was evidence of his refusal to grow up, and he found the most shallow of reasons to break up with his girlfriend of the week.

Elaine was in a way the female version of Jerry. She was fairly normal at first glance, but she was also shallow and had a short fuse. She was more often the victim of the crazy people around her than she was the cause of the craziness.

The characters in Seinfeld were not held up as examples to be imitated. They were funny because they were shallow and amoral. They were characters in a show about nothing who believed in nothing. Seinfeld was a uniquely funny show because it was a new, unique style of comedy.

It was a very poor example of how to live. It came at a time when parents were more inclined to let TV serve as a babysitter. I stand by my comments. UnGodly behavior is not entertainment.

God bless,

Love this show. Rather give my money to the dvd box sets than to my archdiocese and its priest coverup$ and payout$

Shame on the parents. —KCT

No, I think some parents still didn’t realize the “guest in their home” was spewing garbage.

God bless,

If they let their kids watch whatever they wanted w/o checking it out themselves, shame on them. —KCT

The unfortunate part of the program is the immorality. There is a lot of clean humor on the program that is hilarious. In my opinion, it’s one of the funniest programs on television.

I definitely use to limit myself with Seinfeld because of the immorality. Now, by the grace of God, I rarely watch television. (…with the exception of EWTN from time to time.)

I’m afraid that even if you think it doesn’t affect you, it does. The reality is most of us could be spending time with more productive things, like growing in Christ, or building His Kingdom.

Time is a measure of life, and if we are spending our time in fruitless endeavors, we are wasting our life. We ought to do everything with an eternal perspective, right?

Lord have mercy on me a sinner!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Lest we forget, Jerry, George, and Cosmo did do battle to determine who would be “master of his domain”.

Another perspective from a very well known apologist.

Yes, temptations will always be there but I prefer to minimize them as much as possible. The Bible tells all of us to be holy, and it clearly instructs us to flee certain acts and even certain people who behave in a certain way.

Television shows actual people pretending to behave a certain way and too much of it is self-destructive, unGodly and dysfunctional. I much prefer the company of the Godly and those who have a commitment to Christ. That said, my unGodly friends are still my friends. I will not call something entertainment that demeans or violates the dignity of the person and the holiness of God.

Being holy is good,

I always interpreted the last episode as Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine ending up in Hell (the Latham jail cell) for their immoral living, and now spend eternity tormenting each other with their inane comments.Like another poster said, this characters were not, and never intended to be, models to be imitated, but rather archtypes of amoral, secular nothing-burgers to be avoided. This is little different than the religious morality plays of the medieval period or Nathaniel Hawthorne short-stories to my mind.

I was never a Seinfeld follower. I have only seen bits & pieces of a few shows. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. The same goes for Friends, which was also wildly popular. I have had many a :eek: reaction when at a function, the subject of “last weeks episode” was discussed and I said that I never watch it:shrug: .

Apparently you missed the episode where Kathy Griffin played a comedian doing a one-woman show titled *Jerry Seinfeld is the Devil. :smiley: *

Yes, Seinfeld is the Devil himself. Look at his name: Seinfeld?? That’s pure evil!

Seinfeld, in German, means “his own field”. That is, he’s in a field all by himself, outside of the presence of God! Which means, yes, hell! Seinfeld is bad, very bad.:wink:

In a private revelation Our Lord advised to never criticize a priest. I would add to never criticize at all but rather pray for priests, as our Lord advised, and pray for all sinners which is what we all are. Perhaps the only difference between my moral behavior and a sinfull priest’s is that I am aware that there are many people praying for me, otherwise I am sure I would be more evil than the most evil person I know. Let’s remember that we are fighting a spiritual warfare and our two most powerful weapons are prayer and fasting. To support the Church is a law of the Catholic Church and to not support the Church is a mortal sin if it is done deliberately and one has the means. I occasionally watch some of these sitcoms which are very clever and the remarks are very amusing. Yet the lifestyles of these people are directly opposed to the teachings of Christ. These people are living very immoral lives while endearing themselves to us with their witty remarks. W seldom dislike those who make us laugh. There are issues here that are more important than a joke. And many people watch these programs and like the characters because they make them laugh and are willing to overlook their immoral lives because, well…such funny people can’t be bad. How many young people who want to be socially clever and witty are also imitating these programs immoral lifestyles. These people are accountable…everyone involved in these shows. We become so numb to immorality that it no longer appals us or repels us, especially when it is served up by such endearing folk. Sorry. You buy that DVD set. I wll mention here that if these funny comedians wind up in hell and because you or others emulate them, they won’t be making you laugh there. There is no laughter in hell. They will hate you and you will hate them…all the good times that I own may alleviate some of the sorrows of life will condemn you not console you. Oh, and by the way, when was the last time you prayed for some poor priest who is under attack from the devil and may have fell. It is easy to condemn. Praying for sinners is hard and sometimes even exhausting work.
Why not turn off the TV, get off the couch and on your knees. Bye. Jacinta

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