Seized from smugglers, the leather-bound 'gospel' which Iran claims will bring down Christianity and shake world politics

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The atheists seem to be taking this well, insulting Christianity as expected.

Thank you for the post, it is interesting.

I have always maintained to my non Catholic friends that if the church discovered something that under minded the tradition of our faith that the leaders would do the right thing.

With that said, I must point out all the miracles that have happened after Jesus, Bernadatte, Fatima, the incorruptibles, etc etc. You would think if this was real that some sort of message would come from one of these miracles. What was the number, 70,000 witnessed the sun spiraling into the Earth filling up the whole sky at Fatima. How do you argue against something like that?

It’s an obvious forgery. The vast majority of scholars of all religious traditions (and none) regard the “Gospel of Barnabas” as being very late indeed, probably coming from Spain (as it survives in Spanish and Italian versions). It’s been dealt with for quite a long time, with English translations of the Italian text being available since at least 1907. For an analysis of this particular “find”, it’s probably best to look at what speakers of the modern dialects of the language that it appears to be written in (Syriac) have to say about it, so check that out at AINA Assyrian News Agency, which really destroys the Iranian claims about it. It’s not even clear what it is, but it is clear what it isn’t. This will not destroy Christianity, but it will make Islamic propagandists look like idiots to anyone who bothers to look into this. Way to go, Iran and Turkey.

I really wish media outlets would do the basic (really, sub-basic; I found AINA’s article in 0.2 seconds of Googling) research before publishing a bunch of irresponsible and stupid propaganda for Islam and the bellicose and ignorant Iranian and Turkish authorities.

It’s fifth century written centuries after Christ and the apostles died.
Who is kidding who!

they wish!!! this is so ridiculous. of course, there will be those who will believe it is true.

I’d be careful about throwing dates around. Most of the earliest extant manuscript fragments (meaning just a few scribbled lines) of new testament books date to around the same period and later. Also of note is the fact that the new testament books included in the Codex Sinaiticus were altered no less than 15,000 times over a period of 1,000 years.

Discussed months ago when the news broke. See:

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