Selecting Godparents....Help!


My wife and I are welcoming our first. We definitely have strict parameters: must be orthodox, practicing, and must be married. We also probably won’t go with couples as GPs because if we later don’t live close to one, we don’t live close to the other. We are having a girl, so we decided to “save” the guy I really want as a GF for our first boy. Any other suggestions? Did you just choose after considering the essentials of the Faith or is there more to consider logistically? Thanks and God bless.


Since you’re not picking a couple why does it matter if the person is married?? By having that as a requirement you are cutting off any number of single men and women who might be great role models for your daughter.

That said, you know that even if you have 10 kids they can have the same godparent(s), don’t you? And that you only need one godparent, male or female doesn’t matter? Is there any reason that this man cannot be your daughter’s godfather and then godfather to a son if God blesses you with one?


SAINThoodSEEKER, I think your reasoning is sound. You can’t be too picky, within reason. God bless you for your carefulness; you are a good role model for parents.

Also, please pray for my brother’s first child. They are planning to wait until Christmastime to baptize him, and he’s due in under a month! They want my dad (a deacon) to baptize him. He already married them! It’s fairly perturbing on the whole, because there are some glaring issues that I’ve noticed in both parties concerned, except in the baby who is the one who pays the price for their nonchalance. Prayers appreciated!


Not understanding the “saving” the good godparent choice for another child. All the kids can have the same godparents, or some can share, some have different.


What if God never sends you a son? I say you should ask the man you had in mind for your future son, and as another poster pointed out, you could ask him again if you do have a boy someday.


I know someone who just had their 7th daughter. You might not have a son so I would use the person you wanted with this baby and any others that come along.


The married “requirement” isn’t a way to get 2-for-1. It isn’t about convenience, it’s about state in life and maturity. That’s why it matters.


Will do. Thanks.


I didn’t think it was a 2-for-1 deal, I just thought of any number of devout single mature adults I know who would be good godparents.


Congratulations! It must be wonderful to know so many eligible Catholics. You are so blessed to be able to choose! :slight_smile:


Well, last night I asked the guy that I originally thought I might “save.” He was very excited. He and his wife have a 6 mo. old girl, so I’ve seen how great he is with her. Case closed. Thanks.


That’s nice. People today can be so prickly about what they interpret as “sexual discrimination” or “orientation discrimination” … not saying any of the above posts were symptomatic of this glaring pathology, but I am saying something. The fact is (as we used to not be afraid to admit) boys and girls are different. If we live in a virtuous, Christian way like Jesus and Mary, those differences can be sanctifying and saving ones. If we decide on a cafeteria-style, fantasy-land, gnostic or “enlightened” “Christianity” that obstinately ignores said differences we close ourselves off to their glory. And in that case we are suppressing the healthier emotions while promoting the self-destructive ones. But that’s Modernism all over now, isn’t it?


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