Selective Reductions

Hi all,
Apparently, I’m a bit sheltered. I had never heard of the term “selective reductions” whereby women terminate SOME of her unborn children when she is carrying multiples. :eek:

I have never, and I mean this honestly, NEVER been so disturbed by an article in the mainstream media as this one:

Please take a minute to read through and please pray with me for both the child she killed and the child that was forced to be born without his God Given sibling.

I know there are some on this forum who are more apt to call themselves “Pro-Choice”… I have to ask… even those who consider themselves Pro Choice… how can this be right? :confused: Religion aside for a moment, this is just wrong on so many levels.

Thoughts? Have you heard of this before? Is there an argument FOR selective reduction out there anywhere? I can’t fathom one…

Wow…I didn’t know of this either, and kind of wish I hadn’t.

It’s pretty sad. I will pray.

I read that article you posted… and yes it made me sick. They worried that they couldn’t provide the extra child with a private education and a nice house… so it was better just to kill him?

They do selective reductions with animals, such as race horses, since a mare in most circumstances cannot carry twins to a point where they are viable. I’ve seen a vet do that, hoping that of the two embyros, he didn’t kill the one that would have been a future Kentucky Derby winner.

Now, we humans have lowered ourselves to the levels of the animals. We pick and chose which child, created in the image of God, is to be eliminated. Very sad.

Good grief this makes me sad, and angry, and even more sad! A good read on what NOT to do, how NOT to be a man, and how even the best intentions don’t excuse evil. Such a shame. I’ll pray for them and that child.

You can make an argument for anything, just don’t expect it to be good or even logical.

I was in control, finally.” Problem number one, thanks to the contraceptive mentality.

This is the problem of IVF, feeling you’re entitled to as many children as you want, and worse in this case is demanding an exact number of children.

Wasn’t sacrifice part of what being a parent was all about?”

It’s a shame she was so tormented by killing one child but can still think that “reducing triplets” is “pretty uncontroversial”.

Our twins weren’t part of God’s plan, he reasoned (or rationalized?). They were the product of artificial insemination.
Wow… just wow…

Here’s an interesting view of the OPPOSITE side, where one decides to trust God even if things seem bleak, even if it’s the “worst possible time for children”.
Have a listen.

When my friend at work found out she was having quadruplets, the doctors wanted her to get rid of 3 of them! She told them where to go, went to bed for 5 months and delivered 4 healthy babies. She sends us a family picture every year for Chiristmas, and one cannot help looking at the kids and wondering which ones could have been murdered and not be with us now. :blush:

Liraco - your comment was one point of the article that stuck with me the most:

“Our twins weren’t part of God’s plan, he reasoned (or rationalized?). They were the product of artificial insemination.”
Wow… just wow…

The whole time I was reading, I was hoping desperately I would get to the end of the article and read that JUST BEFORE she committed this most ulitmate sin that she had a moment of awakening and decided to spare the poor baby his life…and was hoping she went on to say what a blessing her twins are now…

I’m still really sad over this. How do you explain that to your child some-day… that they would have had a brother, but we killed him…??? :frowning:

i posted this on another thread;

**Thank God we are all alive now, because with all of the “selective reduction” technologies available, many of us would have been aborted for a genetically superior sibling!

Unfortunately, these technologies are all man made & therefore extremely flawed. They probably will produce more problems than they claim to solve.

Over 90% of babies with down syndrome are aborted & a number of those with minor, surgically repairable defects like club foot are aborted every year!

i was born with club foot & would be a prime candidate for abortion because i am a person born with a birth defect!

My 3 beautiful children would never have been born if my mother had aborted me because i was defective!!!
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


I read it and I’m angry and an uncharitable word came into my head…:mad:

I’m sure it’ll be a struggle every time she looks at her son, and even worse if she ever has a 3rd child. Let’s continue to pray for her.

Imagine if she had to face that child one day and answer why he didn’t deserve to live.

My only hope would be that this article could dissuade others from doing the same, but it was so filled with “reasons” why it wasn’t wrong that I find it could do more harm than good.

Pray for both children and hope that the one killed is now with our Lord and praying for his family that really need it.

I read this from the other thread, and I’m pretty sure I posted in it.

But thinkign about it still, I actually feel really sorry for her. I pity her actually. I pity the fact she has such a need for control that she can bring herself to M U R D E R her own son at the bequest of her husband, and for such pathetic reasons, like wanting to send kiddies to private school. I mean, if you can handle two kids, three can’t be all that much of a nusiance.

I feel sad for her that she must have such low self esteem that she’d marry a guy who made it clear he didn’t want kids and that it took effort for the okay for one, effort for IVF, and that she didn’t have the strength of character to stand up to her husband when he demanded the M U R D E R of his own child.

She is an example of exaclty how anti-woman abortion is, how it reduces women to objects.

I pity her that the marriage she is in is so twisted and sickening that this has happened.

And most of all I pity thsoe two born children, the lives they are going to lead, beign raised by such mentally and emotionally crippled adults, who are selfish, self-centred, petty and M U R D E R E R S.

I mean, I’ll hold back calling the 22 year old college student who gets pregnant on spring break a murderer if she gets an abortion, but these people intentionally got pregnant and intentionally selected the child they were to **M U R D E R ** based on his gender.

Then there’s that messed up idea of God, as much as I can’t speak for God, I’m pretty sure He wouldnt’ be too damn impressed about them praying to Him while they **
M U R D E R E D** their baby son. It goes beyond repugnant.

What a messed up couple. They’ve been in my prayers since I read that article.

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