Self claimed "ex-priest"

honestly? They think because he is an ex-priest what he says is true.

well if he is I want to see some evidence,

his diploma in Catholic Philosophy

his official phds in philosophy…

you simply just claim to be a ex-preist without any evidence

I’ll be interested to see what the Albigensian posters will have to say.

this is such trash… He’s trying to make it seem as if the Albigensians were early day “Protestants”.

From Catholic Answers:
*The Albigensians formed one of the largest Cathar sects. They taught that the spirit was created by God, and was good, while the body was created by an evil god, and the spirit must be freed from the body. Having children was one of the greatest evils, since it entailed imprisoning another “spirit” in flesh. Logically, marriage was forbidden, though fornication was permitted. Tremendous fasts and severe mortifications of all kinds were practiced, and their leaders went about in voluntary poverty. *

I can’t watch youtube stuff - slow dial-up. What is the name of the ex-priest? I did some research a few years back on ex-priests featured in the anti-Catholic book Far From Rome, Near to God. I’m wondering if he is one of them. is a site maintained by Seventh-day Adventists
…It’s out of the “historic” or Traditional SDA segment of believers.
…So they have plenty of creature christ, saturday Sabbath and anti-Catholic teachings there.

To shut this down properly I will quote the teachings on the Trinity as it appears on the (** SDA **) Website.

Now, look at the wording found in the Nicene Creed.

The important part, the part at issue here with the SDA’s who supported and hosted this video…
…Is that they feverishly teach that Christ WAS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Pull up the Nicene Cannons and read the Synodal Letter, which states:

“First of all, then, in the presence of our most religious Sovereign Constantine, investigation was made of matters concerning the impiety and transgression of Arius and his adherents; and it was unanimously decreed that he and his impious opinion should be anathematized, together with the blasphemous words and speculations in which he indulged, blaspheming the Son of God, and saying that he is from things that are not, and that before he was begotten he was not, and that there was a time when he was not, and that the Son of God is by his free will capable of vice and virtue

So much for the x Priest ( so they say ) that supports rank Arianism…
…The video is worthless and those who support it is all the evidence anyone needs to simply ignore it.

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