Self-Deliverance for Lay-People?

Is it dangerous for lay-people to perform self-deliverance or say deliverance prayers without the assistance of a priest? Could it place a person in greater risk of spiritual attack or opening up access for evil spirits. Would appreciate responses from priests/clergy especially. Thank you

Specific deliverance prayers are one thing; exorcism prayers are for the priest only.

You’d not try to take out your appendix by yourself, this has far greater repercussions than a botched appendectomy. Sit down and talk to your pastor.

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Great advice!

It is good to remember that receiving the Holy Eucharist prayerfully prepared is an excellent deliverance.

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Why do Catholics chase after Protestant spiritual fads?

I mean, it is not as if we don’t have tons more stuff of our own.

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Confession delivers you from the bonds of Sin and gives you grace to overcome

Fr ripperger has a book of deliverance prayers for the laity you can check it out in the link below

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Yes! Thanks be to the Lord for the sacraments!

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