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How many of us really feel others pain? (oops I think I did a similar thread last week. Who me, repeating myself?)
I’m suggesting that self-empathy is more common than empathy for others.
When my mother died of lung cancer, over a 6 month period, how could I know what was going through her mind? it must have been absolutely terrifying. And me at age 33, more concerned about losing a mother who was only 66, than her pain.
When we really achieve empathy, we can gain release from our own problems. Even though temporary. When we realise what others are going through, it can make our problems seem insignificant or less severe anyway.

I read in the paper today that a 36 year Aussie pro golfer will stop chemo and accept palliative care for his blood cancer. He has 2 young girls. Only 36. How sad. I’m lucky to have made it to 60. We cant imagine how terrifying a terminal illness verdict can be to hear.

I’m the first to admit I suffer from self-empathy . I was never cut out to be a tough guy or tough person for that matter. But I will have to toughen up sooner or later as life’s challenges approach.
I just hope I can notice others’ pain and be more supportive than I usually am.


I think what I’m saying is, when we get consumed with our own problems, we need to step back or take an interest in other issues facing other people.

Only recently have I come to appreciate what some politicians suffer in regard to harassment of their personal lives. Their job is not as easy as it looks.


This is an interesting topic for sure, and I am going to have ponder this for a bit before I respond.


Empathy is about having an imagination. The less imaginative we are, the less empathic?


This theme is important for those of us who like to explore our own twisted nature. (sorry if that offends).
I was living in Japan once. A colleague complained to me “Ron My father died and I’ve got to catch the next plane back to the UK. It’s gonna cost me 10 000 dollars though”
I would have probably felt the same so Im not judging him. It is natural to haver self-interest on our minds isn’t it?

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