Self Esteem and Pride


I have a question regarding self esteem and pride. Can a Christian have a healthy self esteem and be humble at the same time? How to have a healthy self esteem and how to avoid pride? What are example of healthy self esteem? How to attain and work on getting healthy self esteem for those who have low self esteem?

Thank you

You will get good self esteem when you disregard what others say and what you say to yourself with regards to the negativity and the like and see yourself as truly a son of God and loved by him as a real and geuine son, and not just in word. As a son of God you have been elevated to a great dignity and you are extremely valuable and precious in the eyes of God. What others and often ourselves think is often not very important or even reality. It’s what God thinks that matters and that alone, and God thinks your absolutely wonderful. If your in grace you are a saint , perhaps with a small s but a saint and very holy none the less.

We are humble by living in the truth. Accept truth, live it, speak it and let it permeate our whole life and if we do this we are humble.

I hope I was helpful and do not come across too preachy.:thumbsup:

Yes, of course, a Christian can have a healthy self-esteem and be humble at the same time. A truly healthy self-esteem, I believe, makes it even easier for a person to be humble, accepting God’s Word with faith. (Humility and faith go together. It takes true humility to have faith.) A healthy self esteem is knowing you are a child of a God, good, and willing to serve Him like a true child of God would…while loving yourself and others with a Christian love. For those with low self-esteem I suggest following Christ, knowing that you are a son or daughter of a King (and thus a prince or princess) and are truly lovable in His eyes!

Some people have unhealthy self-esteems as crosses to bear in this life, for their greater good and the glory of God.

But if you want a healthy self-esteem, than you must depend entirely upon God and trust completely in Him. Make Him your all and you will no longer worry about what others say about you. Make Him your life and you will no longer fear anything at all.

Good self-esteem is about seeing yourself as you really are. Pride means that you see yourself as having greater abilities and value than you deserve, and low self-esteem means that you undervalue yourself. We should have good self-esteem, but we should also esteem others highly as well when they deserve it, and we should be able to see when someone else is more worthy than us. Also, we should be able to see when we have talents that should be put to use to serve God.

Relative to underlying values, opinions and beliefs are so trivial; religion actually has little to do with beliefs, but more so a system of hierarchal values that need to be practiced and experienced; it’s quite profound to think of all the different religions and denominations, and subsequent fighting and hating, especially given that they ought to agree! Core values are what transform an individual into a person, and it is the experience of key values that unite; it is in values that an atheist can be quite religious, and the religious, atheists. To endorse pride and self-esteem over [greater] inner experiences of love and high esteem seems so primitive and interpersonally maladaptive to me.

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