Self-harm: God's View


How does God feel about self-harm?


How would you think He feels about His children harming themselves?


Leviticus 19 :28 - make no cutting upon yourself.

Do you - happen to do - that form of self harm - cutting ?


God doesn’t want you to hurt yourself, period.


Yes. But it’s been almost three weeks​:blush::blush::blush:


What is the reason behind it?

Mortification of the flesh to subdue disordered desires is pleasing. Saint Jerome is a classic example.

Self harm due to self-hatred - not so much.

We are called to be at peace with our faults and failings, struggling against them with God’s grace.

If you are a cutter, get psychological help!

If not, then don’t!


It’s been 19 days since I self-harmed (low self-esteem) but it is hard to stop and I’ve almost cut many times since. Should I see a psychiatrist?


Yes, please see a psychiatrist as soon as you can!

You need help from a therapist in real life, not random strangers here.

God does not want you cutting or hurting yourself. He loves you and wants the best for you!

Please seek help because we care about you.


Certainly! Psychology or psychiatry, doctor will know which.

When the temptation strikes, STOP! - and ponder that God loves you infinitely. Always and everywhere. He is the Divine Physician and desires that your soul be healed.

Do get help.


I’ve self-harmed many a time. I unfortunately have some large and long-lasting scars from that period of my life. I agree very much with the other posters, do get help! Psychology and psychiatry are incredibly helpful. But at the same time, pursue God and His Church with all your strength. This was what got me out!! Professional help helps, but just as necessary is the religious side of the coin.

Praying for you!


Yes, I agree! Didn’t mean to leave out the spiritual advice on my post. Speak to your priest and draw as close to Jesus as you can.

Go to Adoration as much as possible…it will really help. Pray, receive the Sacrament, read the Word.


Please speak to medical professionals. We cannot advise you


So glad - your on this site !
You can now see things - a little more different !
Such as - a demon - is behind such actions.

I read The Da Vinci Code -
It’s a religious thriller type book -
Well, the maniac killer - is a guy - who also likes to flog himself.
And he really puts it to himself - in the movie - barely able to - in such pain.

Glad your not cutting -
And your counting the days too -
May God bless you - to make it through one month :innocent:
Love your honesty and openness !


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