I believe I suffer from depression/paranoia and sometimes I think I just can’t take it. I try praying, but for some reason it only seems to make me think of my problems more and make them harder for me to bear((in my mind)).
Regrettably, this usually leads to wrist-cutting for me. My question is, if cutting really helps is it really that bad? I know that sounds very stupid, and I don’t believe it myself, but it just seems to release my worries pretty well. I try not to, but sometimes I guess I just get out of control…
I’ve tried stopping, but when things get really bad, somehow it just happens… Has anyone else been through this? What other alternatives could I use?
Thanks so much~! :]


Cutting is not the right way to handle that problem. See a spiritual director and a counselor as soon as you can.

God bless…


Dear cranberi,
This post of yours is definitely a cry for help, and if I was able to, I would recommend that you need more than prayer right now. Self mutilation is not cool and not an answer to what you are feeling and going through, but a distraction to the anguish and pain that you are feeling. I would agree with you that your meditations can make you feel even worse, as mine did me.
My problem was food, not self mutilation. It made me feel good and full, and it was also temporary. The problem came when I was 100 pounds over what my healthy weight should be. I became even more depressed because now not only was I still dealing with the pain of my depression, but now my being obese was making things even more difficult. I felt that no one wanted to be friends with a fat guy, and my depression became deadly. I was unconsciencely killing myself because of my untreated depression and over eating.
I was a mess!!!
One of my brothers knew what I was going through and suggested that I see a counselor. It was the best thing I have ever done besides embracing God and becoming a friar!!! Now I have someone I can talk to, and hey, here in California, it’s popular (most celebrities have them) to have a professional to help you deal with things you can’t handle.
My prayers are going to be with and for you, that you take the time to see a professional who will listen to you and help you overcome your self diagnosed depression and what seems to me to be a very destructive habit, self mutilation.
Many Blessings to you as I am,

Serving Christ and his Church,

Br. Tom Davis, OSA


We want to let you know that help is available.

You may wish to call for help in your area. Here is a resource that may prove helpful:

(The National Hopeline Network offers help for people suffering from depression and may be able to point you to further resources in your community.)

If you need pastoral support, Catholic answers to moral questions, or the prayers of our staff, please feel free to call Catholic Answers. We are open Monday thru Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific time. The phone number is 619-387-7200.

May God Bless You Abundantly,


cranberi, my dear, what you’re describing is in a category the psychologists call “para-suidical behaviors”. you’re not exactly killing yourself, but you’re dancing around it and dancing way too close for comfort.

i understand that you feel it relieves the pain for a while. for some people, and maybe for you too, it’s actually a survival strategy. (not the best one, though, okay?) i tried cutting myself once, and it actually made me hate myself more. i guess i’m just not wired that way…

anyway, what all of us are saying to you is that there are better ways, and there is an abundance of hope that you can recover from your illnesses. are you seeing a psychiatrist? have you told him/her about the cutting? are you on medication?

cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a treatment that teaches you skills to deal with the thoughts you’re having… dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is even better, in that it’s geared specifically for people who self-harm or attempt suicide. get thee to a psychiatrist posthaste, and ask about these specific modalities.

meanwhile, if you find yourself wanting to cut, i hope you can remind yourself that self-harm is not the answer, and can actually be really dangerous (uncontrolled bleeding, infection…). you can go to an ER and ask for immediate help (if the triage nurse is inclined to make you wait, stand up for yourself! let him/her know that this is potentially every bit as deadly as chest pain!), or call 911, or call the national suicide hotline. i know you’re not necessarily intending to die, but para-suicidal is suicidal enough to warrent the call. 1-800-SUICIDE


You need to have psychological counseling at least, and preferably the help of a good psychiatrist.

Get medical help for the problem. The spiritual help will work much better if you are taking care of the physical as well.

See a doctor soon.



I’m not seeing a psychiatrist, nor do I intend too. While I agree it might be good for me, I’m not sure I could see myself talking to one. Furthermore, I don’t want anyone in my family to know about me going, especially the reason why, and this is the main reason I wouldn’t go to one.
And I don’t take medication for depression or such psychological problems for the obvious reason I havn’t been perscribed one by a psychiatrist… :]

Thanks so much everyone for your help!!! I appreciate it and will keep you in my prayers!
GOD bless~! :smiley:


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Thanks to those who offered help and prayer.

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