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This is kind of a stupid question… My DH and I don’t have a very loving relationship right now. There are lots of reasons. We’re not hateful to each other. I just feel more like room mates that sleep together (and by ‘sleep’, I only mean sleep) :frowning:

So anyway, after some dark and depressing times, I’ve decided to read those books “Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” and “Proper Care and Feeding of marriage”. I just bought them online.

My question is, how do I read these without my husband knowing? If he knew I was reading them I’d be really embarrassed. I’m not sure why. Our communication really sucks… I’m not taking full blame but I know some of it IS my fault (I do feel that I communicate more than he does)

I really don’t want to read them at work either. The last thing I need is my co-workers gossiping about my marriage… and they would just LOVE to.


My Dear… first and foremost you are doing something to fix your marriage and that is something commendable and not to be embarrassed about!!!

Good for you!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Having said that, buy a book that would be suitable for your husband and gift it to him and you both could read the books together. That way you could discuss them and understand each other and it would be a great way to improve your communication.


I echo Mariam…you need to be applauded for taking this action…:clapping:


Thanks… :o

I’m really really ultra self consious. I don’t think he would laugh at me or make fun of me but the thought that he might scares me. I guess if he did, I could just kick him.:smiley:

I also feel a little wierd about reading a book. I sort of feel like I shouldn’t have to read a book to make our marriage better. I feel like it should be something that is already inside me.

It would be awesome if I didn’t work full time so I could read it while he was at work. As it stands right now, he gets home before me every day.

Oh well. I guess I should just bite the bullet and leave the books laying around when they arrive so he can see it and we’ll start the conversation from there.


May I suggest an addition to your reading list? A Catholic author - Matthew Kelly and his book “The Seven Levels of Intimacy” - valuable read :thumbsup:


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