Self image problems

A thought stream keeps racing through my head when i am trying to sleep:

When I was younger (9/14) I was placed in an institution for people with hearing problems after they decided to open a group for children with autism, which is rather like a tire factory deciding to make cookies.
nd during that time I often got drawn back to the faith, though these periods did not last long due to the ridicule of the guides there, and when I said I wanted to be a priest one of them said:
“You will never be more be a silly altar boy’’
''You are not normal like us, you do not belong in regular society”

And not once but a lot of times.

Its these things that still frustrate me.

Part of me tells me I will always be mediocre, and the other part says I will do great things, and they keep contradicting each other.

Any advice?

Talk to the vocations director at your diocese about the priesthood.

Just as those in a hearing impaired school knew little about those with autism, they also don’t know anything about the priesthood.

Go to those who do know, the vocations office in your own diocese. You may discern that the priesthood is not for you, or you may find you do have a call. They can help you in discernment.

I am sorry that you received abuse from those who should have helped you.

I am having a talk with my priest in a few weeks, I will see how that helps me.
But i am looking for a way to clear my mind. :slight_smile:

And If i am not called I is ok, I do not think there is anything silly about serving mass.
Its a great honor to stand so close to the altar at the moment of consecration.

Thanks and blessings. :slight_smile:

  • 1ke has the perfect advice here from a vocations standpoint and is absolutely correct in the assessment that the people that were supposed to be helping didn’t know anything about how to deal with your situation!

I would only add that I hope you consider working with a councilor/psychologist to develop a more positive self image and coping mechanisms to deal with the abuse you received.

God gave the human spirit tremendous capacities when it comes to overcoming physical limitations. This was exemplified by Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind. She became a leading humanitarian of the 20 century. she was a public speaker, who was sightless but was seen, deaf, but heard. Don’t let the devil discourage you, you are child of God, and with Him anything is possible.


I have but my own methods proved to be better.
The signs helped a lot.

Good point.
Iam no saint but I do have Gods help. :slight_smile:

God bless you brother. Although I have no sound advice to offer, I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.

Many thanks.

:highprayer: praying for you :highprayer:

PS: Tomorow i am going to mass in my home village with my mother. :slight_smile:

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