Self respect - what is it?

Following that logic, you should say the same about even the slightest amount of make-up. :ehh:

How do tattoos disfigure or damage the human body? They’re just pictures you draw on your skin! Heck even permanent tattoos can be removed nowadays.

i think hidden in that passage, among other things, is this,
that if what act, thought, or desire you have, does not work to please God, know Him, Love Him, or serve Him, then it is not for God, but for yourself,
if we love God, we want to love ourselves and others for love of God,
and on that note, in the case of tattoos, i personally would not get a tattoo, because for love of others, i would not want to influence them to get a tattoo, because even though my intentions may have been good and completely selfless, i cannot expect that others who may be influenced by me would have the same intentions.
of course i do not think it is a sin, atleast not in every case(some people do go to far or get tattoos which are clearly sinful) but in regards to self respect and love of neighbor, tattoos are not beneficial or fruitful…they are quite useless in those aspects, perhaps it can be pleasing to God by your personal want to express your loyalty to God by imprinting on yourself some religious symbol, but other then that…it is not something that without we would suffer in any way, and it does not work to love our neighbor.

Er, how does makeup fit this definition, supplied by you:

to injure, disfigure, or make imperfect by removing or irreparably damaging parts: Vandals mutilated the painting.
2. to deprive (a person or animal) of a limb or other essential part.

After all the definition supplied by you says “irreprarably”.

And as for

How do tattoos disfigure or damage the human body? They’re just pictures you draw on your skin! Heck even permanent tattoos can be removed nowadays.

Tattoos which can be removed cannot be called “permanent”, can they? Actually, a lot of tattoos cannot be removed.

However, you are nit picking here as the query is does the way other people treat themselves indicate a lack of self respect. In posing the question I linked to photographs of people who had severely disfigured themselves with tattoos and body piercings. They had permanently changed and altered the way they look. I then posed the question, is this trend indicative of a lack of self respect and if so, could it be a reason behind why many people treat other people so shabbily.
I think that in general terms, it does. Other indicators are those posted in the poll and which occur much more readily in society than they did one or two generations ago.

You’ve never heard of laser tattoo removal have you? And if you’ve already forgotten, I had already implied on my first post that I was indeed nitpicking. Also, unless I’m reading a different poll than you are, tattoos are second to the last (8 people believe this and it’s enough for you? Gimme a break.) If anything, tattoos (and hypnotism) oughta be removed from your list because the results for your theory about them and self-respect has shown to lack support.

Oh and for the record? I used temporary tattoos when I was a kid and they sell those things a lot.

Watch thisYou Tube Video and tell me if these people respect themselves.

Way to miss my point entirely and going back to cite bad examples. :rolleyes:

Again, you failed to answer the question.
So I will repeat it. Watch that You Tube video and tell me if you think those people respect themselves.

You’re using a fallacy. Bad tattoos don’t speak for all those who have them. You do know that this is the third time you committed this fallacy right? :ehh:

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