Selling a watch on craigslist


I have been trying to sell a diamond watch that I have, but haven't had luck selling it for the amounts I posted. However, I tried again for a lower amount, and someone contacted me. There are some small issues with the watch because I have had it for awhile, and also needs a new battery. I told the lady who called me about wanting it, that is does need a new battery. I don't know if I should mention the other details that are wrong with the watch or not, or have her just take a look at it and decide for herself. The watch was worth $995 when I bought it, and I am selling it to her for $250. Should I tell her or just let her decide when she sees it? Thank you!


I would suggest that you mention the minor flaws just to prevent any issues developing in the future. Remember....Honesty is the best policy! :thumbsup:


Yes. Good to mention the defects. Theres definitely a downside to reselling stuff online. One always has to accept selling at a big markdown!


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