Selling Bad Items (Part 2)

After getting responses on my previous thread, ( I’d like to post the list of games that I am deciding whether or not to throw away or sell. Could some people give me their opinion?

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare




Any CDs should be broken prior to throwing away.

Hope this helps,

I most certainly will do that if others find the items to be morally abhorrent. But I would prefer, if others find them not to be morally abhorrent, to sell them and donate the money to Catholic charities and churches.

Can anyone provide some feedback on the listed items???

I would keep them all. It sounds like you’re going overboard.

I don’t want to keep them at all though. I just feel I get to addicted to them. I want to sell them for a good purpose but not if they are morally evil.

All of these are top notch games actually

Why would you decide to throw them away? :confused: :confused:

They are all great in their own way. But if you really wanted to throw away (or sell) ONE, I’d say MAG. The game is somewhat good but is sorta mediocre.

The rest? You might regret it if you throw them away.

I am deciding between throwing them away and selling them because I have been addicted to them in the past. The determining factor is whether or not I would be spreading evil by selling them or not.

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