Selling Contraceptives at work

Okay so I’m a college student who has a job as a clerk at CVS. I enjoy the job, although it can be quite boring. My only problem with it is anytime anyone asks where the contraceptives are (be it plan b or condoms) I am required to direct them to the aisle. Also, when checking out customers I can’t help but feel guilty in ringing up Plan B or condoms. I have been told to just ask another employee ring them up, but still that employee is permitting the sale on my behalf. I am at a real moral dilemma here and do not know if I should quit the job or not.

Let the other employee ring up the sale(s). The other employee is working on the store’s behalf not yours. To be responsible you would have to be paying that employee their salary.

I would ask your pastor and take his advice. On the other hand, you could get another job that doesn’t involve the handling or sale of contraceptives. Of course we are required to resolve our consciences before acting. If we don’t we become guilty of sin, venial or mortal depending on the circumstances. Until you speak to your pastor you should take the safe course, have someone else answer these questions and handle those sales.


I really feel for you. I would have a hard time selling the stuff too now that I know what I think I know about it…

I wonder what Jesus would do if he walked thru many of the stores today…I think his actions would make what he did when he scolded the ‘money changers’ in the temple, look like childs play in comparison!!! (rightfully so too!)

I believe he would also scold the stores for literally selling and doing anything they possibly can to make a buck…(theres a word for that I think LOL) I guess we all have to wait until he comes back for any of this happen though…too bad.

I think you should quit this job. It sounds as though you are not able to do it to the full capacity in which an employee is expected.
What if the other cashiers are busy with other customers?

Better you get a job where you are not feeling guilty about the stuff you are ringing up. It doesn’t sound good for you or the customers.

There are a lot of other cashier jobs that do not involve people buying condoms.


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