Selling Contraceptives: Cooperation in Sin?

Essentially, the title says it all. If a cashier works at a store that sells contraceptives and someone goes through his line with them, is it cooperation in sin if he sells the item? What kind of cooperation? Is it a mortal sin for the cashier? Thanks!

Doubtful,you can’t refuse to ring up a product sold by an employer,

Yes it is a mortal sin. However most employers will look down on a lowly clerk that refuses to sell anything. Then that employer may look for another reason to fire that employee or reduce their hours.

That is the choice that a sales clerk has.

Many years ago I challgened my employer on moral grounds and I was summarily fired. The so called laws that were supposed to protect me were worthless and I talked to a number of lawyers all of them refused to take my case. I filed a claim with the labor board. After hearing my complaint and my employer responding I was fired for another reason, rude to customers. the labor board decided for the employer.

That is the reality of the world we live in.


Jimmy Akin on “Selling Bad Stuff.”

The Jimmy Akin article covers the topic very well. This is likely to be fairly remote, material cooperation and not mortal sin. However, it does depends on numerous factors, as the article points out, so categorical answers are insufficient.

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