Selling Jesus

I was wondering whether or not it is morally permissible to sell perhaps a t-shirt with the face of Jesus on it. I had an idea of making a really cool graphic tee with the face of Jesus crowned in thorns and the word “savoir” written below it. I was just wondering if I should make money off of such items.

I think that’s all cool if you donate a percentage of profits to charity.

Why not? Of course you can, good idea!

Sounds good. But you don’t want misspelled tees so make sure they say ‘savior’ or ‘saviour’ instead :slight_smile:

Either spelling is correct. The word “the” should proceed either one to clarify Jesus and either spelling of Saviour should be capitalized.

It’s funny because “savoir” means “to know” in French, so in a way it could still work xD

Okay guys I sort of changed around my original idea for the design. Using photoshop I was able to come up with this.



LOL Awesome post!

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