Selling of Soul - worried part 2

I posted this about a week ago, but my conscious is still far from clear.

"Ok heres the story and it might sound crazy:

Back in my freshman year of high school I had a friend (friend I’d just talk to in school - year older than me) and he was going around trading pieces of gum for peoples souls. He came up to me and asked me If i would sell my soul to him for the gum. I stupidly said yes thinking that it’s not even possible to do that, I’ll just take a free piece of gum. I ended up shaking his hand for the deal and then he wrote my name down on this list. I can’t remember if I signed it or if he wrote it down. Anyways, I am now very worried that he actually has my soul or I don’t have it. Its actually been driving me crazy and I can’t stop thinking about it. I recently facebook messaged him asking if he remembered when he did that. Surprisingly he remembered very clearly and still has the list with my name on it (along with a bunch of other people). This worried me because this guy still has the list and it means he seemed serious about these souls he has. I asked if I cold have my soul back and he responded by saying he’s only ever given 2 souls back before. In order for me to get it back I paid him in currency in an online game that we used to play together. He said my soul is mine again, but is it really? Do we have to shake hands on it or is his word over a message in facebook good enough. Is it even possible for me to lose my soul to him? I’m a practicing Catholic and I know it all seems so dumb, but it honestly worries me. I’m worried I won’t go to heaven/live an eternal life or whatever will happen if I don’t have my soul and he has it. Transferring of souls isn’t anything I’m to familiar with, but any insight would be helpful. "

-Most of the advice told me to go to confession which I did. I’m still very worried though. I asked the priest if it was possible to even sell my soul and he asked if my friend was the devil. (This kid wasn’t really a friend, I was just friendly with him.) I told the priest no, I don’t think he was the devil, but what if he actually was? I’m beyond worried because what if my “friend” was actually possessed by the devil at the time when he doing this. What if even though he said my soul is mine again over facebook it doesn’t constitute an actual transaction back to me? What if he sold it to the devil and even though he said its mine again he doesn’t even have the power to give it back. I’m worried I’m not going to go to heaven. It’s driving me crazy and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not sure if I am just crazy or if it’s even worth worrying about at this point. Please help!

It is NOT possible to sell your soul to anyone, including the devil.

If such thoughts persist, please seek professional help from a counselor.

^ That’s correct.

OP, I thought your questions were sufficiently answered in the last thread. No need to keep worrying about it.

At this point you’re just kicking yourself for no reason. You can’t sell your soul (and since you can’t sell it, it doesn’t matter if your friend tried to sell it or give it back you or whatever), and you’ve been to confession, so you are forgiven for trying. It’s time to let go of the mistake and move on.

Have you ever read the story about St. Cyprian and St. Justina? St. Cyprian used to be a right-hand man for the Devil. Later, through the example of St. Justina, he managed to turn his entire life around and become a saint.

So, even in cases like that, people. like St. Cyprian, (before he was a saint) have been able to come back by denying Satan, turning completely to God, asking God’s forgiveness and repenting.

If you have gone to confession, been repentant, and been absolved, you must let go of this.

I heard that once, St. Faustina was doubting God’s mercy, and Christ said her doubt of his mercy and forgiveness, her lack of trust that actually hurt him more than the sin she had committed.

Christ told St. Faustina to tell people of his Divine Mercy, that it was the greatest sinners who were most entitled to his mercy.

I’d encourage you to read about Christ’s Divine Mercy, and to find consolation, pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Also, throughout the day, we can repeat “Jesus, I trust in you”. We are to turn ourselves over to God and stop worrying.

If you do all this, and these doubts persist making life unmanageable, then we might be looking at scrupulosity, which can be treated by medication and counseling by a psychologist. If you should ever choose that route, Catholic Charities has Catholic counselors who would be open to the spiritual aspect which concerns you.

I think you need to do a little growing up! The selling of ones soul may be a good background for a Hollywood horror movie, but in real life does not hold true.
According to the truths taught by the Catholic Church, one can always be redeemed if one makes a good Confession and is truly contrite for their sins.
I agree with others on this panel that you would do well to get professional counselling. I suggest that you make an appointment to see the priest who originally gave you the advice you cited, or your Pastor and get a referral to a Catholic Psychologist. If you or your parents cannot afford treatment, your Pastor may be able to arrange something with Catholic Charities…after all, that is one of the reasons they exist.
All the blather on the internet will not help you, but a simple appointment with a priest will.

As others have said, you cannot sell your soul. If a person were to ‘sell’ their soul to the devil, an act of sincere repentance would reconcile them to God and “undo” their deed.

The following anecdote from St. Alphonsus Liguori (taken from ‘The Glories of Mary’) should suffice to remove any doubts:

“A young man in Perugia once promised the devil that if he would help him to commit a sinful act which he desired to do, he would give him his soul; and he gave him a writing to that effect, signed with his blood. The evil deed was committed, and the devil demanded the performance of the promise. He led the young man to a well, and threatened to take him body and soul to hell if he would not cast himself into it. The wretched youth, thinking that it would be impossible for him to escape from his enemy, climbed the well-side in order to cast himself into it, but terrified at the thought of death, he said to the devil that he had not the courage to throw himself in, and that, if he wished to see him dead, he himself should thrust him in. The young man wore
about his neck the scapular of the sorrowful Mother; and the devil said to him: ‘Take off that Scapular,and I will thrust you in.’ But the youth, seeing the protection which the divine mother
still gave him through that scapular, refused to take it off, and after a great deal of altercation,
the devil departed in confusion. The sinner repented, and grateful to his sorrowful mother, went to thank her, and presented a picture of this case, as an offering, at her altar in the new church of Santa Maria, in Perugia.”

Wow, what an amazing story!!

The devil really didn’t have the poor kid’s soul yet… until death. He came SO close to killing himself and giving the devil what he wanted.

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